Reference Service Policy

The Champaign Public Library strives to provide accurate and timely reference information and reference service to all who request it regardless of residency. The Library provides reference service to persons present in the library and via telephone and other media or means of communication such as email and  social networking services.

Professional librarians and trained staff are on duty all hours the Library is open to help customers with ready reference questions, in-depth questions, or research needs. The Library may establish guidelines to ensure that customers receive fair and equal access to this service within the limitations of staff time and resources. Staff treats all requests with respect and confidentiality to the extend authorized by law. Staff may decline any request if the request is intended to or has the effect of harassment.  When staff makes the determination that the nature of the request is beyond the scope of the Library's reference mission or abilities, the staff member shall endeavor to direct the patron to appropriate resources.

Library staff is not able to provide service in other areas of professional practice. Staff does not:

  • Provide medical, legal, copyright, financial, or tax advice
  • Recommend individual practitioners such as physicians or attorneys
  • Provide appraisals of books, artwork, antiques, or other collectibles
  • Provide editorial or translation services
  • Provide career counseling advice
  • Conduct genealogical, patent, trademark, or other in-depth research
  • Handle confidential information such as social security numbers, account information, or medical information

The Library follows the ethical guidelines of the American Library Association, and the Library’s Privacy and Confidentiality Policy in the provision of this service.

The Library disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from use of the Library’s reference services, and any information provided.

Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on May 17, 2023

Questions? Ask us.


Questions? Ask Us.