Alcoholic Beverages Policy


This policy is designed to implement the provisions of Section 5–62 of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985, as amended, which allows alcoholic beverages in the Champaign Public Library‘s Main Library and Douglass Branch Library, effective February 10, 1999.

Alcoholic beverages defined

For the purposes of this policy, the term “alcoholic beverages“ is defined as any intoxicating (or hard) liquors or beverages made by distillation or fermentation, or both, including, but not limited to, any spirituous or vinous beverages, alcoholic liquors, beer, hard ciders, or liqueurs.

Possession of alcoholic beverages

Except as permitted in this policy, no person shall sell, deliver, possess, or consume any alcoholic beverages on any property or in any facility under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees of the Champaign Public Library. Any person violating the provisions of this policy is subject to prosecution under the laws of the State of Illinois and the City of Champaign.

The sale, delivery, possession, or consumption (“use“) of alcoholic beverages is permitted upon the following conditions:

  • Such use shall be permitted only within the Main Library or the Douglass Branch Library.
  • Such use shall be limited to special events or occasions sponsored by the Champaign Public Library or the Champaign Public Library Foundation, and then only with the express permission of the Board of Trustees by resolution. Such resolution shall include the hours during which alcoholic beverages will be used, the class of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, liquor, etc.) that will be used, and whether the alcoholic beverages may be sold (e.g., a cash bar) or served.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages by minors is prohibited.
  • “Host Liquor Liability Insurance“ or “Dram Shop Insurance,” whichever is appropriate, shall be secured prior to the event, and an acceptable certificate of insurance shall provide insurance coverage to the applicant, naming the Champaign Public Library and the City of Champaign as additional insureds. The minimum acceptable policy is $1,000,000 combined single limit liability.
  • A temporary liquor license from the City of Champaign shall be secured prior to the event. The appropriate permit is a T-4 license, which is specifically designed to be issued for use in the facilities named in Section 5–62 of the Champaign Municipal Code, 1985, as amended.

However, the Board of Trustees or the Library Director may withdraw permission for good cause.

Administrative rules and regulations

The Library Director may establish administrative rules and regulations implementing the use of this  alcoholic beverage policy.

Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on March 17, 2021

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Questions? Ask Us.