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Americans with Disabilities Act & Accommodations

The Champaign Public Library is committed to providing a high level of service to all library users. The library's policy is to maximize the full inclusion and integration of people with disabilities in all library programs, services, and employment, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Read the Library ADA Policy.

Technology & Resources, Services & Facilities

For use at the library

At our Main branch please ask at the 2nd floor information desk, at our Douglass Branch please ask at the checkout desk.

  • Large Print Keyboards.
  • BigTrack Super MouseUSB mouse that includes a large 3-inch trackball and over-sized buttons. Requires less fine motor control than a standard trackball.
  • Zoom text / Jaws / Fusion installed on 2 of the library’s public use computers. Contact us to reserve a computer.
  • USB Magnifiers.
  • iPads with age-appropriate games are available in our Children’s area at the Main Library, and at the checkout desk at the Douglass Branch.

Demonstrations of hardware and software are available for interested persons and groups upon request.

For checkout/use outside our facilities

  • Large print books.
  • Kindles-to-Go – Kindles are available to borrow, loaded with ebooks, including new releases, older classics, historical fiction, and literary nonfiction. Adjustable contrast/background color, text enlargement and audio capabilities.
  • Ebooks and audiobooks through services such as Libby and Hoopla. Adjustable contrast/background color, text enlargement and adjustable playback speed and volume for audiobooks.
  • iPads – With pre-installed library apps like Libby and Hoopla. Download an ebook or audiobook of your choice. Read more about Apple accessibility.
  • Wonderbooks (for children) – Read-aloud devices with easy-to-use play controls, and outside-facing speaker for high-quality audio, headphone jack for independent listening.
  • Audiobooks and Playaways.
  • Close-captioned recorded events on the library’s YouTube channel.
  • Free online tools and databases which provide accessibility for people with vision or hearing impairments.


Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Curbside Delivery service. Read more »
  • Homebound Delivery services. Read more »
  • Book-a-Librarian service for one-on-one assistance. Read more »
  • Sign language interpreters for programs and events. If you need an accommodation to attend a program, please contact us two weeks in advance through email at, by phone at 217/403-2000, or through chat on this page or on calendar event pages.
  • Staff assistance is available for people needing help entering or exiting the building, obtaining or carrying materials, or getting to a vehicle due to impairment. Call ahead 217/403-2000 to request assistance.

Facilities & Resources

  • Handicapped parking and accessible entrance.
  • Accessible restroom facilities.
  • Accessible checkout stations.
  • Walkers and wheelchairs (18" and 24") available. Call ahead 217/403-2000 or ask at the Ask Here desk to request assistance. 
  • Accessible public catalog stations mounted on flexible arms.
  • Ramp available for access to stage.

Service Animals

Service Animals are permitted in any area of the Library where members of the public are permitted to go and may not be segregated or excluded from such areas. Trainers are also permitted to accompany Service Animals in training in the Library. The work or task that the Service Animal has been trained to provide must be related to the person’s disability. Service Animals may wear special collars, harnesses, vests, or capes and some are licensed and certified and have identification papers. However, special identification and certification are not required by applicable law.

The Library may only ask an individual who accesses the Library with a Service Animal the following questions: (1) whether the animal is a Service Animal, and (2) what work or task the Service Animal has been trained to perform.The Library may not require identification for the Service Animal and may not ask about the individual’s disability.

A Service Animal may not be removed from the premises unless the presence of the Service Animal:

(1) fundamentally alters the goods, services, facilities, or accommodations of the Library, or (2) the Service Animal poses a direct threat to the health or safety of others. This shall include, but may not be limited to the following circumstances:

  1. The Service Animal is unreasonably disturbing the peace and the handler does not take effective action to control the Service Animal. Unreasonably disturbing the peace shall include, for illustrative example but not be limited to, making unreasonable levels of noise, such as barking, or approaching employees or customers in unwanted ways, such as in a manner of aggression or attack.
  2. The Service Animal attacks a person or another Service Animal;
  3. The Service Animal is not housebroken; or
  4. The Service Animal is infested with vermin or parasites.

When there is a legitimate reason to remove a Service Animal, Library staff will offer the individual with the disability the opportunity to obtain Library materials or services without the Service Animal’s presence.

Need an accommodation?

We’re happy to provide accommodation. Please provide notification of your accommodation request two weeks in advance.

Complete our  online request form  or print and send filled form to:

Tricia Duzan
Deputy Director
Champaign Public Library
200 West Green St.
Champaign, IL 61820


Complaint process

To file a complaint,  complete our  online complaint form  or print and mail form to:

Tricia Duzan
Deputy Director
Champaign Public Library
200 West Green St.
Champaign, IL 61820


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