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Internet Use Policy

Internet access is provided by the library through public computers and the library’s wireless network, accessible to properly equipped portable computers and devices. Other public wireless networks may also be accessible at the library.

Regardless of network source, use of the internet at the library constitutes acceptance of the terms of this Policy.

The library requires that customers use the internet in a responsible manner that respects other individuals and protects the shared resources of the community.

  • Customers using the internet must comply with all applicable municipal, Illinois, and Federal laws, and all library policies.
  • Customers using the internet must respect the rights, dignity, privacy, and convenience of others.
  • Viewing sites that contain pornography, child pornography, are obscene or harmful to minors is prohibited.
  • Viewing or playing first-person shooter games on library computers is prohibited.
  • Parents or  guardians are responsible for supervising their minor child‘s use of the internet at the library.
  • Activities that compromise the security, efficiency, or condition of the library’s technology resources are prohibited.
  • Access to computers or internet use may be limited by the library.
  • Failure to comply with this policy will result in the loss of internet or library privileges.
The library reserves the right to determine what sites or use is in violation of these policies and to take the action it considers necessary to promote or obtain acceptable use of the internet.

The library disclaims any liability or responsibility arising from access to the internet, to the library’s wireless network, or use of information obtained through the internet.

  • The library is not responsible for the information found on the internet or its form of presentation.
  • The library is not responsible for any damages or charges incurred during use of the internet in the library.
  • The library cannot guarantee that customers’ equipment will work compatibly with the library’s network.

Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on August 21, 2019

Questions? Ask us.


Questions? Ask Us.