Art Collection Policy


The Art Committee is an ad-hoc committee, formed as needed, to  recommend the acquisition of selected works of art to the Library Board.


Members will be appointed by the Library Board and will include a Library Board member, a Foundation Board member and one to three members of the public. The Library Director and Development Director will serve on the committee in an advisory capacity.


The Art Committee will meet as needed to:

  1. Identify areas of the building and grounds that would be enhanced by artwork
  2. Identify works of art that may be obtained through purchase or donation
  3. Review works of art that may be offered to the library through purchase or donation

Criteria for art acquisition

  1. Works of art which enhance or complement the architecture and design of the library
  2. Works of art which require little or no maintenance
  3. Works of art which are easy and safe to display

Funding for art

Funding for art may be provided by the Champaign Public Library Foundation which currently  has an art fund. Should additional funds be needed, the Library Board may ask the Foundation  to secure private gifts for the acquisition of artwork.

Reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees on April 21, 2021

Questions? Ask us.


Questions? Ask Us.