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Champaign Public Library | Strategic Plan 2018–2024

We inspire, inform, and connect our community!

We value:

  • Exceptional service and convenience
  • Ongoing innovation
  • Building community
  • Responsible stewardship
  • Access for all

Our goals:


Broaden the reach of the library into the community by making it a part of the lives of all community members
• Increase open hours as funding becomes available
• Expand virtual presence with online resources and services
• Expand outreach and services to address targeted community needs
• Find new ways to market library services to reach non-users
• Remove barriers to library use and customer convenience


Provide essential resources in reducing unemployment and underemployment in our community
• Collaborate with community partners to provide and host skill-building and literacy programs and services
• Increase basic technology assistance and instruction to individuals and groups
• Train and promote staff as experts in assisting job seekers, displaced workers, and entrepreneurs
• Explore making additional space available in the future for small business acceleration or workforce training


Play a leadership role in the community in early childhood literacy and education
• Expand resources and programs for parents, caregivers and practitioners serving young children
• Partner with service providers to deliver library resources to parents and caregivers of young children
• Train and promote staff as experts in early literacy
• Build home libraries by providing free books for young children


Increase access to and informed use of technology by community members
• Expand technology training, classes, and one-on-one assistance
• Explore options to provide technology training at other community sites
• Explore creation of a dedicated space for customer use of advanced and innovative technologies
• Train and promote staff as experts in technology assistance and instruction


Expand the library’s role of a vital community center where people meet, learn, and share experiences
• Increase opportunities for civic engagement
• Expand possibilities for lifelong learning
• Provide state-of-the-art meeting spaces with Café service
• Ensure the continued success of the FriendShop Bookstore
• Explore creating a larger capacity space for cultural activities and programs


Approved by the Champaign Public Library Board of Trustees, August 2018. Extending current plan to 2024 approved by the Board in May 2021.

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