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Looking for free online tools?

You’ll find dozens of cool tools here, from to World Book Online to investment tools,  free for Champaign cardholders.

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Improving Veterinary Care

Tue., Mar. 26, at 10 am
Dr. Sally J. Foote, veterinarian

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Tech Questions?

We’ll walk you through Getting Started with Email (Mar.  25 at 7 pm), as part of the new Getting Started with Tech series.


Launching a business? We want to help.

Our new business services include a walk-in coworking space, speakers, seminars, online tools, and one-on-one consultations with our staff experts. Now’s a great time to start and grow your business! Read more »

Love movies? So do we.

Want to watch movies directed by women and 30,000 other titles? Try Kanopy, the new streaming service  free for Champaign cardholders. Download the Kanopy app, create a Kanopy account, and you’re ready to start watching. There’s even a Kanopy channel on Roku! 

March News

What do author Sharon Flake, lava lamps, and arctic animals have in common? Your library.

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