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YOU CAN PRINT from anywhere using our mobile printing service.

Printouts are available for pick up on day they are sent. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before library’s closing to retrieve printouts. 

Send your email to:

• B+W printer:

• Color printer:

You’ll receive an email confirming your file has been sent to the print queue.

Or use the Mobile Print Portal »

Can’t pick up same day?  Call us to schedule a time to pick up your documents. We’ll ask you for the name and email address used for printing.

Tips to troubleshoot printing

Q: ”Document content is unprintable,” what should I do?
A: Complex PDF files with  multiple layers can result in an error when trying  to print.

Try “flattening” the PDF—essentially reducing the complexity of the document, merging the different layers into one, making it easier for the printer to process the file. This will, in most situations, resolve any document errors.

If the problem continues, you could try converting the file to a different format. We recommend converting the PDF to a format, like .JPEG, .PNG, or similar.

Q: Document file size is too large for printing, what should I do?
A: If your document is larger than 60 MB:

• Try compressing the file, then printing.
• Try printing   in sections. For example, pages 1–100, pages 101–200, etc.

Q: My print job is missing pages, what should I do?
A: If your print job is missing pages, there could be many reasons why. It’s best to report to the issue to staff, plus any error messages from the print panel.

Questions about printing? We can help!

Wifi is provided by i3 Broadband and is available at both locations. At the Main Library, wifi access extends into part of the parking lot.


Print & Copy Costs

B/W 15¢/page
Color $1/page

Questions? Ask us.

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Questions? Ask Us.