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 Library Love Videos

We interviewed a few community members about why they *love* Champaign Public Library. Prepare to be inspired by these wonderful “Library Love” stories!

Why People Love Champaign Public Library

start screen for video, Project READ DIrector Amanda Harris talking in library

Community members tell us why they love the library. You’ll hear from 11 library ambassadors! (5 min) Watch on YouTube »

This is a compilation includes Amanda Harris, Project READ director; Charlisa Hart, business owner; Rajeev Malik, member of the Library Board of Trustees; Karin Markovich, parent; Candace McMaster and Thom Moore, retirees; Stacey Robinson, illustrator; Huan Song, Launch at the Library user and Library Friends volunteer; Mallory Morris, former associate principal of Edison Middle School, and two teens, Abby and Leyton.

Why People Love Champaign Public Library | Stacey Robinson

start screen of video, man pictured talking in library

Illustrator Stacey Robinson tells us why he loves the library. (2 min) Watch on YouTube »

Why People Love Champaign Public Library | Charlisa Hart

start screen of video, woman pictured talking in Douglass Branch Library

Business owner Charlisa Hart tells us why she loves the library. Charlisa is a member of the Table Talk Book Club based at the Douglass Branch. (2 min) Watch on YouTube »

Why Teens Love Champaign Public Library

start screen of video, teen boy talking in library

Teens love the library! Three teens tell us what makes the this library so great—including books, movies, and CDs to check out, free events, and inspiring art displays. Thank you to this special group of library ambassadors, Abby, Leyton, and Nicholas! And thank you to Mallory Morris, former associate principal, Edison Middle School, who was our liaison with  the Champaign Unit 4 School District. (2 min) Watch on YouTube »


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Updated September 22, 2020


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