LIVE Webinar | Cultivating Your Brand

Start + Grow Your Business Series
Monday, December 21, 2020
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

The why, what and how of building your authentic personal brand that will connect you with your ideal customer.

Do you need a personal brand as a working professional or business owner? Or is a personal brand only for social media influencers?

Even if you haven't given thought to your brand, you have one regardless if you plan it or not. Your brand is made of perceptions, not just your marketing strategy. Your brand is not an object, it’s a gut feeling about your product, service or company. Your identity is a little more tangible: it’s your logo and any other mementos of what your brand looks like. Put simply, your brand is who you are, and your identity is what it looks like. Discover what your brand is and learn how to tell your business' story visually.

Mallory Simonds is an independent brand consultant. She has over seven years of agency experience and a skill set that includes brand strategy (tone of voice + messaging), visual identity (logo design, print materials, digital campaigns + environmental design), art direction, design (print + web), as well as video & animation.

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