Thanks to Our Star Donors

These donors made a significant investment in the library (from July 1, 2022 to November 15, 2023). Their contributions have a substantial impact on the library’s service to the community.

Library Benefactors    

James and Ruth Anderson
Ms. Judy Argentieri
Ms. Janice M. Bahr and Mr. Erwin Hoffman
Dave and Leslie Barr
Ms. Mary Beastall
Steve and Donna Carter
Champaign Public Library Friends
Champaign Urbana Chinese-American Evergreen Association
Donna Chapel
Ms. Dorothy David and Steven Woodard
Jim and Laurie Dey
Philip Disalvo
Jason and Lynnette Dodds
Mr.  and Mrs. Austin Ducey
Mr. John W. Dudley
Ms. Ann A. Einhorn
Doug and Denise Fields
Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Freeland
Jim and Mars Gentry
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hartter
John and Barbara Hecker
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hinely
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Illyes
Mr.  and Mrs. Patrick Kane
Ms. Paula Kaufman
Patrick Keenan
Jeffrey and Patricia Kirby
Kraft Heinz
Mr. James Kuklinski and Ms. Nancy Parker
Mr. Batlagundu Lakshminarayanan
Charles and Annette Lansford
Gregory and Margo Lykins
Liz and Creg McDonald
Candace and Steve McMaster
Michael and Brittany Millington
Mr. Richard Morris
Brian and Molly Neiswender
Alan and Kassandra Nudo
Mr. and Mrs. William O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Overstreet
Ms. Constance Phillips
Mr. and Mrs. Kip Pope
Grant and Jennifer Robbennolt
Robeson Family
Ms. Christie Roszkowski
Kathy Shannon
O. David and Julie Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. David Sholem
Mrs. Cecile Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Lott Thomas
Tom and Julia Ulen
Rick and Ann Wampler
Jeff and Shari Wampler
Ms. Mary Louise Watson
Mr. and Mrs. David Whitford
Mr. William W. Capel and Ernest J. Martin III
Mr. Jerald J. Wray and Mr. Dirk Mol

Library Guardians      

Nancy Baker and Ken Rhodes
Anthony Audrieth
Dorothy Baker
Peter Baker
Emily Baker
Mr. and Mrs. James Bell
T.J. and Katie Blakeman
James and Arlene Borbely
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Campell
Mr. Paul Cole
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Conry
Wesley and Laura Curtis
Benjamin Davis
Mrs. Nanette Donohue
Ms. Lila Eichelberger
Mr. Richard Wheeler  and Ms. Pat Gill
Christopher Hannauer and Jody Hanger
Ms. Essie Harris
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Ms. Laura Keller
Phillip and Sheila Krein
Carolyn Maille-Petersen
Sallie Miller
Napleton’s Auto Park of Urbana
Mr. Robert O’Daniell
Ms. Martha Palit
Robert and Carol Penka
Gregg Perry
Ms. Barbara Phillips
Gloria Rainer
Ms. Amanda Raklovits
Mr. Michael Rogalla
Mr. and Mrs. David Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Sharpe
Elizabeth Stegmaier and Stephen Runkle
Philip and Roxanne Stirrett
Fred and Candy Underhill
Ms. Sarah Williams
Mr. Justin York
Dr. and Mrs. John Young
Ms. Marcy Zora

Library Investors      

Amy Al-Shabibi
Mr. Gopesh Anand
Ms. Mary Cattell
Anne Ellison
James Fallaw
Ms. Barbara Ford
Aashish Gandhi
Rochelle Gutierrez and Rajeev Malik
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Harkness
Mr. and Mrs. William Hatch
Ms. Kristina Hoerner
Molly Hooper
IL-IORG Champaign Assembly #21
David & Debbie Keith
Ms. Jan Kiley
Julia Klossner
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kmoch
Jim and Katrina Kotowski
Linda Kupferschmid
Chen-Ching Lai and Ching-Yuan Su
Bud and Sandy Leister
Faye Lesht
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Liay
Ms. Eva Liu
Ms. Melanie Loots
Ms. Ann Lowry
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Mehnert
Brenda Mehnert
Ms. Christen Mercier
Mr. Scott Meyer and Ms. Beth A. Shirk
Mr. John Murphy and Ms. Cara Finnegan
Ms. Jill Naiman
Ms. Carol Neely
Mark Nelson  and Kathleen Collins
Laura Nevius
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Noonan
Ms. Donna Pittman
Gail Rost
Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz
Jason Scott and Maria Gillombardo
Ms. Amy Snyder
Ms. Min Soe
Mr. Jon Sokolski and Ms. Marci Dodds
Ms. Melanie Starke
Mr. Greg Stock
Ms. Patti Anderson
Barbara Tortorello
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Tuchman
Ashton and June Waller
Ms. Holly Wilper
William D. Youngerman
Jenna Zieman

Additional Donors

Ibukunoluwa Afolabi
Sandra Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. Wells Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. S. Eugene Barton
Clara Belitz
John and Kathleen Bennett
John and Kathleen Bennett
Ms. Alice Berkson and Mr. Alex Scheeline
Mary Bissey and Neil Strack
Mr. Charles Blair
The Book Club
Jill Bouvet
Ms. Amy Braghini
Sharon Bryan
Ms. Jean Alice Burridge
Busey Bank
Ted and Cindy Byra
Steve and Donna Carter
Ms. Barbara A. Colson
Ms. Ellen Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Tod Courtney
Mr. and Mrs. Davis
Frank and Carol DiNovo
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Dlott
Mrs. Astrid Dussinger
Tricia Duzan
Gary Engelgau
Ms. Thelma Fite
Mr and Mrs. Richard Flood
Ms. Juanita L. Gammon
Regina Glover
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Green
Ms. Andrea K. Hoch
Ms. Zarina Hock
Harvey Hodges
Maureen Holtz
Dr. Jan Houston
Patricia Hund
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Ms. Heidi Imker
Mr. Sheldon Jacobson and Ms. Janet Jokela
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Jahn
Ms. Sandra Jones
James H. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Kathleen Kading
Mr. and Mrs. John Kamerer
John Kelley
Ms. Marilyn Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kozoll
Hyeon Jeong Lee
Benjamin Lough
Molly MacRae
Edwardo Mascorro
Jo Ann McNaughton-Kade
Judge Brian McPheters and Michal McPheters
Mr. Seth Mendelowitz
Lawrence and Pamela Moehle
Ms. Elizabeth Morley
Ms. Jordan Neal
Ms. Lucy Park
Lee Poole
Ms. Stacy L. Rachel
Ms. Jane Ellen Reid
Gloria Roubal
Jade Ryckman
Mr. Timothy Sandholm
Mr. Kenneth Schmidt
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Schomer
Ms. Dawn Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Segovich
Mrs. Annilee Shaul
Ms. Elaine Sommers
Mr. and Mrs. Kenwood Sullivan
Richard Thompson
Ms. Linda Wessels and Mr. Tim Prescott
Mark Williams
Dr. Robert Wiseman
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Wisseman

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Brittany Millington
Library Director

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