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Thanks to Our Star Donors

These donors made a significant investment in the library during the past year (July 1, 2018 and October 15, 2019). Their contributions have a substantial impact on the library’s service to the community.

Library Benefactors    

Allen Avner
BankChampaign, N.A.
Dave and Leslie Barr
Joyce Bohrer and Michael Blaney
Champaign Public Library Friends
Jennifer Cromley
Dorothy David
Benjamin and Jennifer Davis
Jim and Laurie Dey
Jason and Lynnette Dodds
Austin and Sarah Ducey
John Dudley
Ann Einhorn
Jim and Alice Faron
Thomas Ferraro
Rusty and Jill Freeland
Cele Gaines
James and Mars Gentry
Christopher Hannauer and Jody Hanger
John and Barbara Hecker
Jim Heins
Lou and Mary Henson
Bob and Sarah Illyes
Jack and Jill of America Foundation
Paula Kaufman
Jeff and Patricia Kirby
James Kuklinski and Nancy Parker
Batlagundu Lakshminarayanan
Chuck and Annette Lansford
Candace and Steve McMaster
Chris and Karen Meyer
Dennis Muncy
Brian and Molly Neiswender
Alan and Kassie Nudo
Peter Fox Ventures
Donna Pittman
Rotary Club of Champaign
David and Julie Sherwood
Cecile Steinberg
Tom and Julia Ulen
United Way of Champaign County
Vamsi and Swarna Vasireddy
Ann Wampler
Jeff and Shari Wampler
David and Nancy Whitford
John and Virgie Young

Library Guardians      

Jim and Ruth Anderson
Judy Argentieri
George and Caroline Badger
Linda Bair
James and Nancy Bell
Champaign County Economic Partnership
Donna Chapel
Nanette Donohue
Anne Ellison
Bob and Mary-alayne Hughes
Myung Jeon
Laura Keller
Jay and Rosalyn Kesan
Timothy and Erin McHenry
Brittany Michaels
Sallie Miller
Martha Palit
Gregg Perry and Glen Whitmer
Amanda Raklovits
Mike Rogalla
Craig and Gail Rost
Christie Roszkowski
David and Anita Seiler
Elizabeth Stegmaier and Stephen Runkle
Lott and SuAnn Thomas
David and Christina Whippo

Library Investors      

Toufic Abdo
Amy Al-Shabibi
Mary Beastall
Champaign County
Audubon Society
Clanin Marketing
Tod and Belinda Courtney
Wes and Laura Curtis
Larry and Paul Damski
Barbara Ford
Matthew and Kathleen Frank
Pat and Richard Gill
Dana and Tami Gray
Daphne Greaves
Lee Greenstein
Ernest and Lois Gullerud
Essie Harris
Barbara Hayes
Georgine Hembrough
Kristina Hoerner
Chas and Mattie Holder
Robert and Katharine Jones
Patrick and Karen Kane
Debbie Keith
Marilyn Kohl
Charles and Joan Kozoll
Emily Levin
Eva Liu
Molly MacRae
Rajeev Malik and Rochelle Gutiérrez
Christen Mercier
Scott and Elizabeth Meyer
John and Cara Murphy
Mark and Kathleen Nelson
New Yorker Discussion Group
Terry and Margaret Noonan
Bill and Wilma O’Brien
Robert O’Daniell
Barbara Phillips
Lauren Pirkle
Barbara Ramsay
Grant and Jennifer Robbennolt
Jason Scott and Maria Gillombardo
Serra Ventures
Ruthann Shurts
Melanie Starke
Kenwood and Lori Sullivan
Mary Beth Turner
Sarah Williams
Jerald and Dirk Wray

Additional Donors

Bill and Clemmie Ackermann
Rebecca Allen
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Wells and Joann Anderson
Dana Antonelli
Susan Appel
John and Bea Bagby
Eugene and Kathy Barton
David and Mary Lou Bauer
Susan Bauer
Thomas and Mary Bauer
Joseph and Miriam Bauers
Wayne and Susan Bekiares
John and Kathy Bennett
Alice and Alex Berkson
Mary Bissey and Neil Strack
T.J. and Katie Blakeman
Ned Boatright
The Book Club
Jill Bouvet
Amy Braghini
Chuck and Patricia Bruns
Ted and Cindy Brya
Joyce Bunce
Jean Burridge
Steve and Donna Carter
Champaign-Urbana Herb Society
Rhiannon Clifton
Ellen Corcoran
Joseph and Nancy Costa
Mark and Kathy Cushing
Dorothy Damewood
Frank and Carol DiNovo
Dana and Maria Dlott
Donald Dodson
Lila Eichelberger
Mara Fass
Susan Feldman
Helen Finke
Thelma Fite
Leon and Linda Follmer
Mary Ann Ford
Mahala Freeman
Thomas Gadel
Juanita Gammon
Richard and Celia Gates
Amanda Gottlieb
Kimiko Gunji
Rosangela Hajj
Terry and Sharon Harkness
Allen and Susan Hartter
Christopher Hassen
William and Nancy Hatch
Mike and Kathy Havey
Richard and Gloria Helfrich
Sylvia Herzog
Gavin Hitchins
Andrea Hoch
Zarina Hock
Mary Ann Hood
Trina Howard
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Margaret Isaac
Judith Jackson
Sheldon and Janet Jacobson
Jerry and Helen Jahn
Urvashi Jha
Christine Johnson
Britta Johnson
Kathie Kading
Jim and Maxine Kaler
Jack and Carol Kamerer
Kerry and Mary Koepke
Edward and Antje Kolodziej
Judith Leeper
Kayla Leitschuh
Janet LeRoy
Stuart Levy
Lou and Mary Liay
Elizabeth Long
Ann Lowry
Joan Lund
Kirk Malnor
Bonnie Markiewicz
Karen Marley
David McCall
Mark McCleary
Mike and Jane McCulley
Edward and Brenda Mehnert
Seth Mendelowitz
Stuart Messinger
Jack and Margaret Mochel
Elizabeth Morley
Charles Murphy
The Nonfiction Book Club
Lucy Park
Gail Pfeifer
Matt and Jennifer Phillips
Alexander and Iryna Polischuk
Lee Poole
Caroline Princehouse
Patricia Procter
Stacy Rachel
Dave and Japhia Ramkumar
Terri Reifsteck
Ron Reinhart
Hanna Reside
Mike and Karen Retzer
Andrew Ries
Maggie Ross
Gloria Roubal
Patsy Rowland
Paul and Susan Schomer
Dawn Schultz
Fred and Cathy Segovich
Sheri Seibold
Kenneth and Joan Sensenbrenner
David and Anne Sharpe
Myron and Sonya Sholem
Bob and Margie Skirvin
Bill and Carol Slough
Amy Snyder
Min Soe
Andrew and Dolores Sofranko
Pamela Soloman
Joy Specht
David Stangl, Jr.
Dale and Virginia Stierwalt
Philip and Roxanne Stirrett
Kevin and Nancy Sullivan
Jane Sullivan
Bruce and Judy Suttle
Daryl Sweeney
The Material Girls
Rosemary Trippe
Allen and Patricia Tuchman
John Veneto
Michael and Lila Vodkin
Edward and Joyce Wagner
Kathleen Weibel
Weiner Companies
Joseph and Patricia Wenzel
Linda and Tim Wessels
James and Sydney Whitfield
Mark and Sandy Williams
Millie Wilson
Rachel Wooley
Stacey Zulauf-Mulderink
Chet Zych

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Library Director

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