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Power Networking | For Job Search and Career Success

Live Webinar
Tuesday, July 27
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Networking is a critical skill to develop —in truth, it’s essential for work and life. Yet, it is one of the most feared of all professional skills.

Join career coach, and HR pro, Susan Barbee as she shares tips on how to gain confidence in presenting yourself to others, expand your contacts, and master informational interview basics in this interactive webinar. Participants get a Positioning Statement Template to help clearly convey who they are and what they’re looking to do next. 

About the Presenter: Susan Barbee is a certified leadership & career coach – and former HR consultant. Through her practice, GrowForward Coaching, she guides individuals in transition and professionals in organizations from discovery to action, helping them define their professional brand, figure out what’s next, and come up with a roadmap to gain traction.

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