Lobby Installations

Since 2017, local artist Adriane Binky Donley has dreamed up breathtaking installations for the library lobby. Our community has benefitted from her wonderful work—every time people walk through the front door and are greeted by thousands of hand-painted butterflies soaring from the ceiling or dazzling red umbrellas during spring rains or gigantic delicate snowflakes. Most recently she created a huge honeycomb climbing the windows in the lobby!

bee and honeycomb installation in library lobby

umbrella installation in library lobby

Adriane Binky Donley portrait and description of butterfly installation

butterfly installation in library lobby, musicians and dancers performing

umbrella installation in library lobby by Adriane Binky Donley

giant snowflake installation in library by Adriane Binky Donley

giant snowflakes hanging in library installation by Adriane Binky Donley

umbrella installation in lobby by Adriane Binky Donley

Made possible with support from the Library Friends.

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Evelyn Shapiro
Promotions Manager

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