Friends Leadership

The Friends are led by a board of directors, all of them generously giving their time voluntarily. They meet once a month.

Friends Board of Directors 2018–2019

Paula Kaufman, President
Deborah Balsbaugh, Vice-President
Linda Langston, Treasurer
Katharine Jones, Secretary
Peggy Ore, Past President

Mark David
Ann Einhorn
Barbara Ford
Evelyn Michaud
Yasmin Ofiana
Helen Richards
Lena Roberson-Joshua
Elizabeth Slifer
Cecile Steinberg
Kate Winkler (Chair, FriendShop)

Get involved

The Friends need help sorting and pricing books for sale in the FriendShop Bookstore and online. Cashiers are needed during shop hours.

Questions? Ask us.

FriendShop Bookstore

Questions? Ask Us.