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Prairie Resources

Prairie Animals

General Information about Prairie Animals and Ecosystems

Illinois Prairies - from the Illinois Dept of Natural Resources

Animals that Live in the Prairie Ecosystem — Mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and insects are all included on this site created by third graders

Prairie Animal Printouts — Outline drawings of prairie animals that can be printed; body parts of each animal are identified

Prairie Animals - from the Illinois State Museum

Animals Past and Present

 Books about Illinois prairie plants and animals in the catalog


Books in the catalog


Books in the catalog

Insects and Spiders

Books in the catalog

Reptiles and Amphibians

Prairie Plants



Places to Visit

Anita Purves Nature Center
This environmental education facility is free to the public. It is located at the north end of Crystal Lake Park in Urbana, with an entrance off Broadway. The Nature Center and adjacent Busey Woods provide a natural resource to individuals, families, and groups interested in learning more about the outdoors.

Meadowbrook Prairie Restoration
Located on the southeast corner of Windsor and Race Streets in Urbana, Meadowbrook is a nature preserve and has a mowed trail that leads through acres of tall and short grass prairie. Guided tours and field trips are available.

Wildlife Prairie Park
Located near Peoria, Illinois, the park keeps animals that lived in Illinois during the pioneer days, including wolves, bison, water birds, black bear, elk, cougar, and otter, plus a butterfly garden. Naturalists are available to visit the classroom between November and May.

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