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Exploring Options When Job Searching Stalls

Live Webinar
Tuesday, June 22
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Join us for a discussion on options to consider when your job search efforts are not yielding desired results. Topics include: 

  • Today's Job Market & Hiring Trends
  • What's Impacting Your Search
  • Options to Explore
  • Choices to Consider 

About the Presenter:  Bill Schrack is a certified job search and career transition coach. He has spent the last 47 years gaining successful management experience across many industries including education, organizational development and over 25 years owning and operating multiple businesses. His extensive entrepreneurial background coupled with the expertise gleaned while working with the Covey Leadership Center helps ensure that his students receive highly diversified, seasoned advice.

Today, his intimate knowledge and classical training in career transition and job search gives Bill a unique understanding of what works and what does not as he leads the largest and longest running career center in greater Chicago. When not volunteering with SCORE and the Barrington Career Center, Bill, a commercial pilot, can generally be found flying a helicopter for various charitable organizations throughout the Midwest.

In addition to Executive Director and SCORE duties, Bill chairs the Executive Leadership Alliance, a mentorship program for C-Suite leaders and teaches career workshops including focuses on the job search, time management, and exploring your options.

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