Staff Directory

Feel free to contact our managers and coordinators directly any time. We have a dedicated staff of  more than 100 people working to help you in the library, in the community, and online. Organization chart »

Not sure whom you should talk with? Call 217/403-2070 or email and we’ll get you in touch with the right person.

Managers & Coordinators

Donna Pittman portraitLibrary Director • Donna Pittman, 217/403-2050


Brittany Michaels portrait

Deputy Director • Brittany Michaels, 217/403-2045



Kristina Hoerner portraitAccess Services Manager • Kristina Hoerner, 217/403-5301



Debbie Keith portraitAccounting Manager • Debbie Keith, 217/403-2047



Michelle Sawicki portraitAdult Services Manager • Michelle Sawicki, 217/403-2062



Stephanie Pitts-Noggle portraitBusiness Specialist  • Stephanie Pitts-Noggle, 217/403-2078



Mike Rogalla portrait

Children’s Services Manager •  Mike Rogalla, 217/403-5350



Kelly Strom portrait

Collection Manager • Kelly Strom, 217/403-2021



Essie Harris portrait

Douglass Branch Manager • Essie Harris, 217/403-2090



Marie Bleus-Francois portrait

Home Delivery Coordinator • Marie Bleus-François, 217/403-2070



Larry Damski portrait

Maintenance Manager • Larry Damski, 217/403-2060



Dana Antonelli portrait

 Mother Goose • Dana Antonelli, 217/403-5359



Tricia Duzan portrait

 Program & Event Specialist • Tricia Duzan, 217/403-2066‬



Evelyn Shapiro portrait

Promotions Manager • Evelyn Shapiro, 217/403-5365



Brandon Stokes portrait

Security Manager •  Brandon Stokes, 217/403-5345


Nanette Donohue

Technical Services Manager •  Nanette Donohue, 217/403-2014


Amy Al-Shabibi

Technology Manager •  Amy Al-Shabibi, 217/403-2050


Susan Winkler portrait

Technology Specialist • Susan Winkler, 217/403-2064


Kathie Kading portrait

Teen Librarian •  Kathie Kading, 217/403-2070



Eva Liu portrait

Volunteer Coordinator • Eva Liu, 217/403-2075

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