3D Printing from Home

WANT TO TRY 3D printing? Teens can print a 3D object from home using Tinkercad. Here’s how! Login to Tinkercad, create your project, and email the link to us. Our Teen Team will print your 3D object and let you know when it’s ready for pickup.

Getting started with Tinkercad

  • Go to Tinkercad.com
  • Create a login
  • Click “Create new design” (located near the top left of the web page)
  • In the upper left-hand corner of new design page, click on the generated name and rename your project.
  • ­Use this format “Your name – Project name” (e.g., Kathie – name plate)
  • Create your 3D image using the shapes provided on the right-hand side of the screen. ­
  • Once your 3D project is complete, create a link for your project and send it to teens@champaign.org. (Your  subject line should be the same as your project name.)

For  ideas on how to use Tinkercad, watch a video tutorial on YouTube.

Guidelines for Use

Your 3D project must be appropriate and your own creation. What about size? For best results, keep your project under 100mm in size. Do not use the entire square available on Tinkercad. Projects will be shrunk to fit within a one-hour printing time.

­Note: The 3D printer prints in one color.

How to get and send a link

Generate a link when you’re done with your design. Your link stays active for 14 days.

  • Go to design page
  • Click “Send To” (in upper right-hand corner)
  • Scroll down to “Invite people” and click on ii
  • Click “Generate link”
  • Click “Copy link”
  • Bar will turn green and say that the link has been copied.
  • Go to your email and paste link in email.
  • Send the email to teens@champaign.org
  • Please include your full name.


We will contact you by email if there are questions. And we’ll let you know when your 3D piece is printed and ready for pickup.

Questions? Ask us.

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