Tips for Reading to Young Children


  • Start now! A baby’s brain grows fast. The first three years make a big difference. Talk to your baby about the world around you, point things out to them. Your voice is their favorite sound to hear.
  •  Share a book with your baby every day. Even a few minutes makes a difference. Repetition is helpful for both babies and toddlers! You don’t have to read a different book every time; children love to hear familiar stories.
  •  Talk with your baby while you read, and show your baby that reading is fun! Not having fun? It’s fine to stop reading and pick up a new book, or simply step away from reading for a little while!


  • Keep it short and sweet. Young children have short attention spans.  Even just a few minutes of reading a day will help make reading a fun habit for your child.
  • Repetition, repetition, repetition. Children love to hear their favorite books over and over. The repetition and familiarity helps children learn how sounds and words go together.
  • Pause to let your child fill in the phrase for a familiar book. Encourage their reading in whatever form it takes! Playing with books helps children become comfortable with reading.

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