VIRTUAL: Writing to Persuade

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Mon, Feb 7, 2022
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Learn the rules of persuasion to succeed in life and business from former New York Times editor and author, Trish Hall.

"Are there rules for argument, for persuasion, for convincing people that they should listen to you? Yes, there are. Although it’s challenging to change minds, there are fundamentals of persuasion, techniques for bringing people over to your side not only in written arguments, but in life."

—from Writing to Persuade by Trish Hall

Trish Hall has spent years immersed in argument, passion, and trendsetting ideas as the person in charge of the Op-Ed page for the New York Times. With this experience, Trish wrote the ultimate guide on writing, and being, persuasive.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be able to convince customers to buy, but also persuade a network of connections to get excited about helping your business or idea grow. Join this webinar and learn how to effectively communicate, connect, and persuade.

About the Presenter: Trish Hall is an American journalist and writer. She worked for The New York Times for more than 20 years, serving in various capacities including masthead editor overseeing six feature sections, op-ed editor, and senior editor. The creation of the "Sunday Review" and "Escapes" sections are among her imprints on the paper.

Hall is the author of Writing to Persuade: How to Bring People Over to Your Side, published by Liveright/Norton in 2019.

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