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Little French Bistro by Nina George


Little French Bistro

Marianne Messmann, age 60, is unhappy because her life has consisted entirely of unlived moments. In desperation, she abandons her husband and the rest of the German tour group at a Parisian restaurant. She jumps from Pont Neuf into the Seine River hoping to end her life. Instead, destiny sends her a rescuer.
Recovering at a hospital, she is enchanted by a brightly colored hand-painted tile of boats at the Port of Kerdruc in Brittany. She steals it from the nurses' lounge and carries with her as she makes her escape.
Marianne finds her way to Kerdruc with the help of strangers. She decides to stay and work in the kitchen of a local bistro. As time passes, she meets the eccentric but lovable townspeople. She eventually changes her wish to die in the sea to a wish to live life to the fullest. This captivating tale of people learning to chart their way in life is a charming read.

— Recommended by Barb S.

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