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He Said/She Said by Erin Kelly


Orphans Tale

This is an especially appropriate read for this summer because solar eclipses are a prominent part of the plot! Laura and her boyfriend Kit become entangled in a possible crime after viewing an eclipse in Cornwall in 1999. 16 years later, they've gone off the digital grid to escape the consequences of that terrible day, but, as happens so often in this kind of book, the past is about to catch up with them. *cue ominous music*
It seems like every book that comes out now is compared to The Girl on the Train or The Woman in Cabin 10, but this really is a book that I would be confident giving to people as a read-alike for those. A twisty and suspenseful narrative that had me constantly changing my mind about "the truth". The less you know going in, the better, so that's all I'll say except that I enjoyed it and read it in a day!

— Recommended by Mara F.

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