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Update on Newspaper Delivery

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Love reading national newspapers? So do we! The News-Gazette is no longer delivering these papers locally, so we are pursuing other strategies to get you your news. Thank you for your patience while work this out. Here’s an update:
>> We are now receiving the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY again, starting today. They are being delivered with the day’s mail rather than before the library opens. We will work at getting them on the shelves as soon as possible. (Thank you, US Postal Service!)
>> We have The New York Times on our shelves—we have a subscription that comes in the mail several days after publication (the Metro edition). Until a new same-day delivery service is available in our area, we will not be receiving The New York Times on the day of publication.

>> Since Feb. 5, we also have the Chicago Tribune on our shelves—we have a new source for same-day delivery.  
In the meantime, you can read newspapers for free online using your library card. Access is via a database (ProQuest) and it’s text only. Need help? Ask us.
P.S. No library card? No problem! Sign up for a virtual card.

Posted 11/18/2019
Updated 2/4/2020

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