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Paper Ghosts: a Novel of Suspense by Julia Heaberlin


Paper Ghosts

Driven by an obsession to discover the fate of an older sister who vanished without a trace a decade prior, the unreliable narrator of the story claims herself as kin, and sets out on a road trip across Texas with a dementia patient who has eluded prosecution for a series of cases of missing women.
Armed with an arsenal of fake identities, rental cars, and a book of photographs shot by Carl that she believes are trophies of the unsolved crimes, she plans to visit the presumed crime scenes with the hope of stirring up memories and provoking a reaction or more preferably, a confession from him.
The reader is left to sort out who is the cunning one, and who is living in a reality of their own creation. You spend your time rather on edge, wondering at how manipulative and clever Carl seems to be-- are his failing faculties a feigned condition? Is our narrator in grave danger as she travels across Texas with a calculating psychopath? Is she a few steps ahead of him at his own game, or is her mind failing her? A real page-turner. Highly recommended.

— Recommended by Samantha P.

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