NASA Space Exhibit

boy peering out of spacesuit

June 11 – August 9, 2017

IN HONOR OF THE SOLAR ECLIPSE on August 21, 2017,  Champaign Public Library has partnered with NASA to bring a Moon rock and more to Champaign. Look for NASA models throughout the library including the Space Shuttle and Lunar Rover, a replica spacesuit, and a scale to find out how much you weigh on the Moon!

The Moon Rock on display was collected by the Apollo 16 crew in April of 1972. Scientists cut the original rock into sections for study and reserved this portion of the rock to help people learn about the Moon through traveling exhibitions like this one.

NASA Space Exhibit Locations

1st Floor
1    – Moon Rock, Replica Spacesuit, Discover Your Weight On Other Worlds
2    – Lunar Lander, Lunar Rover, Orion Spacecraft
3    – Atlas-Mercury Spacecraft, Titan II–Gemini Spacecraft, V-22 Osprey, X-15 Aircraft

2nd Floor
4   –  Space Shuttle Orbiter, 100 Years of Powered Flight Mural, Landing Tire from Space Shuttle Orbiter

NASA Space Exhibit locations

The Sky’s the Limit Summer Events

• June 8, Live Chat with a South Pole Scientist, 3 pm
• June 11, Launch Party: NASA Space Exhibit, 3 pm
• June 17, Juneteenth Celebration, 12–3 pm @ Douglass
• June 19, Eclipse Chaser Andy Jones, 7 pm
• July 11, An Evening with Phil Plait, 7 pm
• August 9, Food Truck Rally, 4:30–7:30 pm
• August 9, Last Day of NASA Space Exhibit, 9 am–9 pm
• August 14,  Astronaut Mike Foreman, 7 pm
• August 21, Eclipse Magic!, 12–2 pm

We’ll be celebrating reading together all summer long with The Sky’s the Limit Summer Reading Club (May 21–Aug. 21) for kids, teens, and grown-ups. Win a telescope, backpack, or even a chance to name a star. Sign up!

For all events at the library:

Presented in partnership with NASA and made possible with support from the Library Friends.
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Apollo 16 lunar landing

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