Champaign Library Offers New Career Classes and Job Club

woman in 30s shakes hand to accept job offer

LOOKING FOR A JOB? We’re offering a new series of classes and a club designed to help you master resume, cover letter, interview, and work performance skills. Get that Job is offered as a 3-week or 5-week series. Free and open to everyone.

Get That Job! | 3-week series

Presented in partnership with Parkland College

Get That Job! Job Club | 5-week series

Presented in partnership with Champaign County Regional Planning Commission

  • July 16 + 18,  Get That Job! Job Club – Week 1, from 9–11 am
    Take a career scope assessment and learn about essential tools for job hunting. Create your first draft of a resume.
  • July 23 + 25,  Get That Job! Job Club – Week 2, from 9–11 am
    Discover jobs that best fit your skills and interests. Learn the etiquette of networking, social media, following up with potential employers, and hiring events. Submit the first draft of your resume.
  • July 30 + Aug 1,  Get That Job! Job Club – Week 3, from 9–11 am
    Polish the first draft of your resume, create a cover letter, and learn about who should be included in your reference list.
  • Aug 6 + 8,  Get That Job! Job Club – Week 4, from 9–11 am
    Learn interview do’s and dont’s, complete a mock interview, develop your elevator speech, discuss transferable skills, and get feedback on your resume and cover letter.
  • Aug 13 + 15, Get That Job! Job Club – Week 5, from 9–11 am
    Excel in your next position with communication techniques, enthusiasm, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, professionalism, and email etiquette. Review job leads and hear success stories.

Sign up for the July 16 class and you’ll be automatically enrolled in the entire 5-week series. We encourage you to attend as many sessions as possible.

Job Help

JobNow provides resources to create your resume and then submit it for professional editing. You can also take personality and career assessments, practice interviewing with a live job coach, and search for jobs matching your interests. is a premiere online platform for video-based learning. Improve your aptitude in job hunting, interviewing, computer software, working remotely, maintaining positive working relationships, surviving a difficult boss, dealing with angry customers, and more.
Kanopy is a video streaming platform that offers a large collection of award-winning films and documentaries. Learn how to choose a career, interview successfully, compose effective resumes, find your dream job, improve business skills, and more.

Mango Languages can help you perfect your communication skills in over 70 languages. Placement tests are available so you will know your starting level.

Testing and Educational Resource Center allows you to take online practice tests including the GED, civil service exams, and college admission tests (ACT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, and more). You can also improve basic math, reading, writing, science, and English knowledge or build your next resume.


Need help creating a resume, cover letter, or starting a business? Set up a consultation with one of our experts by calling (217) 403-2070 or sign up online.

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