Request it, and we’ll hold it for you to pick up

Hold pick-up room at library

If you search the library catalog, and what you want isn’t available right now, you can request it.  We’ll let you know when the item is ready to pick up.

At our library, look for it in our Holds Pickup Room (see above). At our Douglass Branch, ask at the desk. You can also choose The Urbana Free Library as your pickup location.  Note: When you pick up an item, you must check it out using the same library card that was used to place the request.

To request something:

  • Find it in the catalog and click on the “Request It” button, or
  • Call us at 217/403–2070 during library hours (for children’s books, call 217/403–2030).

Most items can be requested — even brand new materials that haven’t arrived at the library yet. Only rental items and reference materials can’t be requested.

If we don’t own what you want

  • Request a purchase. We’d be glad to consider buying newer items. Use our purchase request form, or call 217/403–2070.
  • If you need an older item, you can request it from other libraries across the country using Worldcat. Look for the "Search Other Catalogs" link in our catalog, and choose Worldcat.

To cancel a request

No longer need an item you requested? Cancel your request; it’s a nice courtesy for others who may be waiting. Note: Cancelled requests cannot be “undone.” If you change your mind, you’ll need to place a new request.

To change where you pick up your item

You can either:

  • Call us at 217/403–2000 and ask us to change your pickup location. This will let you keep your place in the hold queue.
  • Cancel the request in your account information, then place it again, choosing the different location for pickup.

Van on highway

Suspend Requests So Items Don’t Arrive While You’re Gone

Don’t want requested items to arrive while you’re on vacation? Or don’t want all of your requests arriving at once? “Suspend” requests to a later date.

  • Log in to your library account and click Requests.
  • Check the box beside each item to suspend. Click the Suspend/Reactivate Selected button.
  • Enter a new activation date. You’ll be put back on the waiting list on that date. Click Submit.
  • If you want to suspend all of your requests at once, click the Suspend/Reactivate All button, enter a new activation date, and click Submit.


Contact us at 217/403–2000 or