Kids need cards.

We encourage families to get library cards for their children. Kids glow with pride when they have their own cards. Library cards forge a stronger connection between kids and the library. Start as early as you like; even babies can have cards!

  • The child or teen (up to age 18) receiving the card and a parent/guardian must both be at the library when the card is issued.
  • Parents who have their own library cards must owe less than $5 in fees on their cards to get a card for their child.
  • A parent/guardian‘s signature is required to get a card for anyone under the age of 18. By signing the registration form, parents acknowledge that they are responsible for the choice of items that are borrowed with their child‘s card, the condition of those items when they are returned, and any fees that may be charged to the card.

Restricting Children‘s Access to R-Rated Movies

When you get a card for your child or teen, you can choose to not allow movies rated R to be checked out with that card (ratings given by the Motion Picture Association of America).

Cards with restricted access look the same as other cards. You may change your child‘s access to R-rated movies at any time.

For details, see our Policy on Library Card Registration

Child with library card