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5 Star Teen Titles (7/14)

Fault in Our Stars Readalikes (6/14)

Wonderfully Weird (6/14)

Summer Lovin' (6/14)

Crazy Stupid Love (3/14)

Witches (2/14)

Weighty Matters (2/14)

2013 Teens' Top Ten (12/13)

Great Teen Gift Books (12/13)

LGBTQIA Books for Teens Try a novel featuring characters who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. (11/13)

Steampunk for Teens (11/13)

Zombies, Zombies & More Zombies!  (10/13)

Ghosts Galore (10/13)

Five-Star Teen Titles Try one of these top-ranked titles, recommended by local teens. (8/13)

Young Adult Reading Road Trip: USA: Northeast

Young Adult Reading Road Trip: USA: Midwest

Young Adult Reading Road Trip: USA: South

Young Adult Reading Road Trip: USA: West

Teen Historical Mysteries Puzzles from the past. (4/13)

Supernatural Love Because falling in love with a human is just too simple.... (1/13)

When Monsters Attack (10/12)

Working It Don't think you're the only one with a stinky job. Read these! (6/12)

Time Travel for Teens Traveling through time is cool—to read about, anyway! (4/12)

The Hunger Games Read-alikes Done reading The Hunger Games and wanting more? Try one of these books. (2/12)

Twisted Fairy Tales Old favorites become new again in these fresh retellings. (9/11)

Spandex-Free Graphic Novels No capes involved in these still-super graphic novels. (8/11)

Adult Books Teens Love Don’t let adults have all the fun. Try one of these books. (3/11)

Road Trip! Hit the road, even if you can’t drive. Enjoy the freedom of the open road through these books on the go. (3/11)

The End of the World as We Know It Think your life’s hard? Look what the future holds for these teens. (3/11)

Champaign High School Summer Reading Lists 2014

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Fault In Our Stars Readalikes


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Wonderfully Weird


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