Keep Our Library Strong:
Be an Advocate

Here are ten things you can do:

  1. Get and use a library card–one of the most important cards you carry.
  2. Keep informed by signing up for the library’s monthly e-newsletter.
  3. Take a look at the library’s mission and five-year plan and let us know how we are doing.
  4. Follow the library on Facebook and Twitter.
  5. Become a library volunteer and see the library’s impact firsthand.
  6. Tell friends, neighbors and others about the library and its valuable resources —and encourage them to become advocates, too.
  7. Understand how the library is funded.
  8. Make a donation. Your gift will help the library and demonstrate support.
  9. Include the library in your estate plans.
  10. Let our funding decision-makers, the Library Board and City Council members, know that our community needs a strong library.

Spread the Word

Champaign Public Library is truly a resource for everyone in our community.

It supports learning for all.

It is the one place where anyone can get free computer and Internet access.

And it offers equal and open access to the resources people need to improve their lives.

Our library needs strong community support to remain one of the nation’s best.