Our 2015 Star Donors

These donors made a significant investment in the library this past year. Their contributions have a substantial impact on the library’s service to the community. 

Four stars

Library Benefactors

Mark Ballard
BankChampaign, N.A.
Dave and Leslie Barr
Joyce Bohrer and Michael Blayney
Harry and Charlene Bremer
J. Barry Brindley
Busey Bank
Brent Colclasure
Jennifer Cromley
Jim and Laurie Dey
Nanette and Tim Donohue
John W. Dudley
Ann A. Einhorn
Anne Erdmann
Alice and Jim Faron
Cecilia K. Gaines
Jim and Mars Gentry
Marsha Grove
Ken and Kimiko Gunji
A. James Heins
Harvey and Adella Hodges
Paula Kaufman
Keller Family

Jeff and Pat Kirby
Chuck and Annette Lansford
Marajen Stevick Foundation
Richard L. McDonald
Chris and Karen Meyer
Donald E. Moyer, Jr.
Bob and Julie Overstreet
Donna Pittman
John and Maureen Reed
Robeson Family Fund
Rotary Club of Champaign
David C. and Annilee Shaul
David and Julie Sherwood
Myron and Sonya Sholem
Larry and Barbara Slanker
Cecile Steinberg
The Raynie Foundation
Lott and Suann Thomas
Thomas S. and Julia Ulen
Jeff and Shari Wampler
B. Joseph and Mary P. White
Marilyn Whittaker


2 Starss

Library Guardians 

Judith Argentieri and Ben Watts
Allen and Elaine Avner
Caroline Badger
Mary Bissey and Neil Strack
Roy and Ann Campbell
Mary Capel
Donna Chapel
Wes and Laura Curtis
J. L. Divilbiss
Rusty and Jill Freeland
Joseph Giblin
Lippold and Beth Haken
Jan and Bruce Hinely

Mike and Lyn Jones
Jay P. and Rosalyn S. Kesan
Eva Chiawen Liu and Gary Xu
Shawna Martell
Candace and Steve McMaster
Barbara and Dennis Muncy
Mike Rogalla
Daniel S. and Jill C. Schreiber
Dave and Anita Seiler
Edith Ann Stotler
Emily S. Watts
Dave and Christina Whippo
John and Virgie Young

1 Star

Library Investors

Heitor Almeida
Amy Al-Shabibi
Gopesh Anand
Ian Anderson
Wells and Joann Anderson
James and Ruth Anderson
Diana Armstrong
Mary Beastall
Christine Beuoy
Amy Braghini
Dana and Erez Cohen
Benjamin Davis
Stephanie Edwards
Ezra Levin Foundation
Barbara J. Ford
Daphne Greaves
Lee Greenstein
Essie Harris
Nancy Harrison
Kristina Hoerner
Robert and Katharine Jones
Laura Kinney
Edward and Betty Kmoch
Edward A. and Antje H. Kolodziej
Charles E. Kozoll
Molly MacRae
Rajeev Malik and
   Rochelle Gutierrez

Jordan Neal
Margaret and Terry Noonan
Robert O'Daniell
Martha H. Palit
Barbara Phillips
Kip and Janet Pope
Patricia Procter
Stacy Rachel
Brian and Gloria Rainer
Barbara Ramsay
Stan Rankin
Maeve Reilly
Mark and Christie Roszkowski
Melvin and Janice Rothbaum
Dorothy Schultz
Jason Scott and Maria Gillombardo
Daniel Setters
Marty Shankland
Elizabeth Stegmaier and Stephen Runkle
Elizabeth Su
Lori and Kenwood Sullivan
Jody Tissier
Kathleen Walsh
Warren Wessels
Holly Wilper
Jerald Wray
Esther Yi
Marcy Zora

Additional Donors

Every gift enriches and strengthens library services.

Adelaide Aime
Louise Allen
Carl and Nadja Altstetter
Chris M. Anderson
Donald and Ellen Angell
Susan K. Appel
Wayne and Audrey Apperson
Don and Suzi Armstrong
Cathy D. Axberg
John and Bea Bagby
Linda Bair
Dorothy and Harold Baker
Max and Bernida Baker
John and Connie Bandy
Mara Bandy
Margaret H. Bargh
Brad and Deb Barkau
Don and Sue Bartlett
Gene and Kathy Barton
Jarold and Susan Bartz
Joseph Bauers
Wayne and Susan Bekiares
John and Kathleen Bennett
Brenda J. Lerner Berg
Alice Berkson and
   Alexander Scheeline
Freda Birnbaum
Arlene Blank
Arnold and Rita Blockman
William and Julie Boeschen
Jill Bouvet
Howard Bovan
John Braden
Colleen Brodie
Cindy Brya
Lisa Burgoon
Jean Burridge
Rodney Burton
Zachary Cain and Bronwyn
EllenSue Cameron
William Capel
Beth Carbonneau
Steve and Donna Carter
Grace Casillas
Champaign Telephone Company
Champaign-Urbana Herb Society
Eileen Chapin
Marilee Christensen
Mary H. Klegg
Ellen Corcoran
Thomas Conley and Elizabeth
Thomas and Sharon Conry
Evan Coobs
Greg, Elizabeth and Samantha Cook
Ellen Corcoran
Mark Costello
Victor Cox
Cozad Asset Management, Inc.
Rhonda Craig
Ellen Cunnington
Mark and Kathy Cushing
Jean Daly
Dorothy Damewood
Larry Damski
Leonard and Christie Delaney
Loretta Dessen
Rita Deters
David L. Diana
Karen Dietz
Frank DiNovo
Brian and Tiffany Dodd
William and Helen Dubuc
Warren Dueker
John and Astrid Dussinger
Gary Eaton
Reva Egherman
Lila J. Eichelberger
Florence and Henry Einhorn
Joyce Eisold
E. Richard Ensrud
Mary Jo Erickson
Linda Erwin
Nicole Eveland
Tom and Sue Falender
Susan Feldman
Dave and Marietta Fernandes
Emmie Fisher
Janet Fitch
Thelma Fite
Beverly Jean Flood
Leon and Linda Follmer
Mary Ann Ford
Sally Friend
Juanita Gammon
U. Henry and Ruth W. Gerlach
Tove Gent
Inga Giles
Joli Ginsberg
Mary L. Giuffre
Eldon and Gretchen Gleichman
Nan Goggin and Ron Sentowski
Andrew Golden
Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Gordon
Amanda Gottlieb
Steve Granick
William and Debra Gray
Gene and Toni Greenberg
Zivar Guyot
Eugene Hall
Terence and Sharon Harkness
Allen and Susan Hartter
Mike and Kathy Havey
Lavana Hawkins
Jialing He
Health Alliance Medical Plans
Jim Heidbreder
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Helfrich
Michael Helregel
Sylvia Herzog
Sanford and Elizabeth Hess
Anne Hickenbottom
Andrea Hoch
Zarina Hock
Steve and Sherry Hofing
Lisa Hoppe
Barbara Horne
Jan Houston
Norma and Dick Howard
Trina Howard
Robert and Mary-alane Hughes
Marvin and Marsha Hunter
Barbara S. Huntimer
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Bob Illyes
Invest-Hers Investment Club
Lois S. Irion
Judy Jackson
Sheldon Jacobson
Helen and Jerry Jahn
Larry and Margie Jobe
Dennis and Carol Johnson
Larry and Judith Johnson
Patricia Johnson
Dave and Rhonda Johnson
Scott Johnson
Kathie Kading and Jeff Blue
James B. and Maxine G. Kaler
Carol Kamerer
Jennifer E. Kaufman
Debbie Keith
Laura Keller
Theresa Kennedy
William L. Kephart
David and Katherine Kinser
Miles V. Klein
David and Marilyn Kloepfer

Marilyn Kohl
Nori I. Komorita
Gary Koritz
Katrina Kotowski
Kimberlie Kranich
Sheila and Phil Krein
Curtis and Susan Krock
Ed and Margaret Krol
Donald and Marilyn Krummel
Kate Krusell-Skiber
Fannie Lambert
Bob and Linnea Lamendola
Bill Lamendola
Steven and Lesa Lammie
William R. Lantz
Charlotte L. Lawrence
Jake Lee
Susan Lerner
Joan and Stan Levy
Jerry Lewis
Amanda Lienhardt
Jing Lin
Elizabeth Long
Jan Lovet
Ann Lowry
Jerry and Carol Loyet
Morgan and Brenda Lynge
Walter Manske
Lindsey Markel
Martin, Hood, Friese
   & Associates, LLC
Alyssa Mayer
David McCall
Ruairi McEnroe
Patrick McGinness
Ed and Brenda B. Mehnert
Lynn Mikovich
Dorothy Mikucki
Mike and Vicki Millage
Sallie Miller
Diane and George Miller
Margrith Mistry
Carol and Yoram Mizrahi
Pamela Moehle
Daniel and Julie Monroe
Carol Jo Morgan
Paul and Diane Mortensen
Munson Family
Erin Murphy-McHenry
Shirley Nettnin
New Yorker Discussion Group
Peter Newman, Jr.
Marilyn J. Nichols
Alan Nudo
Misty Oakley
Janice C. Olson
Barbara Opal
Benita V. Ortiz and Tim Clark
Jean Paley
Esther Patt
Patterson Office Supplies
Vickie Patton
Mark Pelafos
George and Mary Perlstein
Lilia and Ronald Peters
Gail Pfeifer
Jennifer Phillips
Sue Phillips
Lauren Pirkle
Planned Parenthood of Illinois
Mary Quinlan
Davendra and Japhia Ramkumar
Gary R. Randles
Melissa Records
Jane Ellen Reid
Dan and Helen Richards
Dr. Selma K. Richardson
Laura Roberts-Andrejasich
Maggie Ross
Steve and Debbie Rugg
Linda and Rick Sandquist
Richard Schicht
Paul and Susan Schomer
John Schreiber
Andy Schuchart
Dawn Schultz
Score Club
Sheri L. Seibold
Andrea Semiche
Joan and Ken Sensenbrenner
Kathy Shanon and Matt Frank
David and Anne Sharpe
Alexander L. Shay
Helen Shierry
Beth Shirk
Mary Skirvin
Deidre A. Smith
Rosemary Smith
Amy Snyder
Jerrold Soesbe
Hanna Solecka
John and Pamela Soloman
Anthony and Penelope Soskin
Bernard and Prudence Spodek
Kristie Stasi
Dale and Peg Steffensen
Henriette Stegemeier
Cecile Steinberg
William G. Stevens
Cynthia M. Stewart
Dike and Roxie Stirrett
Ann and John Storsved
Lila Sullivan
Elizabeth Talbot
Lane Anderson Taylor
TEC Staff
The Book Club
The Carle Foundation
Carol and David Thomas
Carrie Thomas
Orlando Thomas
Marie Griffith Tompkin
Joan Tousey
Martha M. Trescott
Carolyn and Ralph Trimble
Neena Tripathy and Justin Wenzell
Patricia Amy Tuchman
Helene and Murray Tuchman
Joan Ursin
John and Bette Van Es
Michael Vodkin
Virginia Waaler
Ira and Lynn Wachtel
Edward and Joyce Wagner
Joy Thornton-Walter and
   John Walter
Joan Walton
Eileen Walz
Nianhua Wang and Lili Shen
A.S. Wentz
Joseph and Patricia Wenzel
Linda Wessels
Richard Wheeler and Pat Gill
David and Nancy Whitford
Susan Wikoff
Sarah Williams
Mark and Mitsuko Williams
Charles Wisseman
George and Jeanine Wojtowicz
Martin Wolske
Kam Wong
Randy Wright
Daniel and Kimberly Wurl
Kim Zahrn
Gwain and June Zarbuck
Julie and Craig Zilles
Heidi and Stacey Zulauf-Mulderink

Tribute Gifts

January – December, 2015

In Memory of

Dr. Khaled Al-Asaad
Mike Cabutti
Barbara Camp
William “Bill” Daniel
Sharon Tracy Fabert
Bill Gaines
Michael A. Hartter
Claire Huck
William Huff
Tim Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Pat Kennedy
Kevin Morenz
Jack C. Munson
Patricia B. Neils
Jack Petry
Mildred P. Scarce
Bob Shierry
Allan Steinberg
Margaret “Jo” Trippeidi
Betsy Wong

In Honor of

Linda Bantz
Leon Davis
Pearl Davis
Paula Harris
Berta Lewin
Richelle Lu
Connie Phillips
Edith Ann Stotler
June and Duane Wray


Thank You!

We’ve done our best to list names correctly here. However, if you find an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can correct our records. Call Library Administration at 217/403–2050.