Our 2014 Star Donors

These donors made a significant investment in the library this past year. Their contributions have a substantial impact on the library’s service to the community. 

Four stars

Library Benefactors

Robin Amsbary
Mark Ballard
BankChampaign, N.A.
Dave and Leslie Barr
Joyce Bohrer
Harry and Charlene Bremer
J. Barry Brindley
Busey Bank
Pat. Chapel
Donald C. Dodds, Jr.
Jason and Lynnette Dodds
Newton H. Dodds
Tim and Nanette Donohue
Ann Einhorn
James and Alice Faron
Cele Gaines
Jim and Mars Gentry
Marsha Grove
Ken and Kimiko Gunji
H. W. Wilson Foundation
A. James Heins
Harvey and Adella Hodges
Paula Kaufman
Jay P. and Rosalyn S. Kesan
Chuck and Annette Lansford

Carol Liheng
Meyer Charitable Foundation
Donald E. Moyer, Jr.
Bob and Julie Overstreet
Donna Pittman
Raynie Foundation
John and Maureen Reed
Robeson Family Benefit Fund
Rotary Club of Champaign
Dan and Jill Schreiber
David C. and Annilee Shaul
David and Julie Sherwood
Allan and Cecile Steinberg
Jon and Kendy Stewart
Lott and SuAnn Thomas
James Russell Vaky Estate
Pramod Viswanath and Suma Bhat
Jeff and Shari Wampler
Mike and Susan Weber
B. Joseph and Mary P. White
Marilyn Whittaker
Judy Owens Yost and Family


2 Starss

Library Guardians 

Heitor Almeida
Allen and Elaine Avner
Charles E. Blair III
Roy and Ann Campbell
Donna Chapel
Weng Cho Chew
Brent Colclasure
Victor and Cristine Cox
Wes and Laura Curtis
Subarnarekha De
Anne Erdmann
Sharon T. Fabert
Rusty and Jill Freeland
Aashish and Rachel Gandhi
Joanne Gates
Joseph Giblin
Ernest and Lois Gullerud
Tanush and Harish Hanumolu
Jane Hays
John and Barbara Hecker

Bruce and Jan Hinely
Kiwanis Club of Champaign
Robert and Elizabeth McLemore
Steve and Candy McMaster
Dennis and Barbara Muncy
Jack C. Munson
Erin Murphy-McHenry
Lucy Park
Mike Rogalla
Dilip and Sandhya Sarwate
Dave and Anita Seiler
Elizabeth Ann Small
Edith Ann Stotler
Neil Strack and Mary Bissey
Terry M. Sutpher, Sr. and Paulette J. Miller
David and Carol Thomas
Ben Watts and Judy Argentieri
Emily S. Watts
Richard A. Weibl and Terry L. Nally
David and Christina Whippo


1 Star

Library Investors

Amy Al-Shabibi
James and Ruth Anderson
Wells and Joann Anderson
Mary Beastall
Michelle Beer
Chris Beuoy
Lena Beuoy
John Braden
Donna J. Chapel
Tim Clark and Benita Vonne Ortiz
Erez and Dana Cohen
Benjamin Davis
Holly Dodds
Marci Dodds and Cody Sokolski
Whitney Ekblad
Franchise Management Systems
Eldon and Gretchen Gleichman
Oliver Groff and Jody Tissier
Bruce Hajek
Lippold and Beth Haken
Essie Harris
Nancy Harrison
Lavana Hawkins
Mary Heaton
Dick and Gloria Helfrich
Kristina Hoerner
Chas Holder
James and Maxine Kaler
Laura C. Keller
Charles Kozoll
Kimberlie Kranich
Tess Larkin
Jerry and Anne Laughlin
Leslie Lundy
Luso Brazilian Association

Molly MacRae
Rajeev Malik
Robert and Elizabeth McLemore
John Murphy and Cara Finnegan
Elliott B. Nelson
Shirley Nettnin
New Yorker Study Group
Terry and Margaret Noonan
Robert K. O'Daniell
Elizabeth Otto
Martha H. Palit
Scott and Karen Pickard
Barbara Phillips
Constance Phillips
Patricia Proctor
Brian and Gloria Rainer
Barbara Ramsay
Stan Rankin
Grant and Jennifer Robbennolt
Mark and Christie Roszkowski
Bill Saylor
Samuel Schneider
Cliff and Anita Schwartz
Jason Scott and Maria Gillombardo
Martin Shankland
David and Jan Sholem
Melanie Starke
Elizabeth Stegmaier and Stephen Runkle
The Book Club
Bob Vorhees
Warren K. Wessels
Jerry Wray
Gary Xu amnd Eva Liu
John W. and Virgie A. Young

Additional Donors

Every gift enriches and strengthens library services.

Peter Abbamonte & Cynthia Ottemann
Amazon Smile
Nicole Anderson-Cobb
Susan Appel
Don and Suzi Armstrong
Robert and June Ayers
John and Beatrice Bagby
Janice Bahr
John and Connie Bandy
Mara Bandy
Marilyn Banks
S. Eugene and Kathleen Barton
Jeffrey and Karen Baumann
Vanessa Bechtel
Wayne and Susan Bekiares
Rob and Dorothy Beldon
Manisha and Subhash Bhagwat
Freda Birnbaum
Timothy and Jill Bouvet
The Bowman Family
Robert and Jane Bradford
William H. and Deidre W. Breeding
Marvin and Doreen Brigoli
Colleen Brodie
Kathleen Brogden
Larry and Pat Brown
Philip and Theresa Brown
Pat Bruns
Cindy Brya
Jean Burridge
Aaron Carlin
Thomas and Anna Cech
Suzanne Chambers
Champaign-Urbana Herb Society
Judie Christensen
Mary Cleland
Catalin Clougherty and Family
Linda S. Coleman
Colony West Homeowner's Association
Thomas and Sharon Conry
C.N. Coombs
Cozad Asset Management, Inc.
Bonnie Blair Cruikshank
Mark and Katherine Cushing
Larry and Paul Damski
Bradley Deutsch
Christine Devocelle
Jerry DeWitt
Karen Sue Dietz
Dana Dlott
Minh Do
Dr. Howard PTA
Ata, Amy and Erin Durukan
Malathi Echambadi
Annette Edwards
Lila Eichelberger
Dale and Margery Elliott
Ellen Elrick
E. Richard Ensrud
Sarah Erickson
Nicole Eveland
Tom and Sue Falender
Susan Feldman
Carol Ferstriep
Charles Finn
Janet Fitch
Thelma Fite
Ralph E. Fletcher, Jr.
Leon and Linda Follmer
Mary Ann Ford
Kostas and Janet H. Galaras
Juanita Gammon
Gandhi Family
Rajul and Heidi Gandhi
Brent Garza
Bill and Shaun Gaston
Jordan Gebil
Ann Frances Gehant
Joan M. Gehrke
U. Henry and Ruth Gerlach
George and Sarah Gertner
Thomas and Kathy Geissler
Tove Ghent
Inga W. Giles
Pat Gill
Joli Ginsberg
Lynford L. Goddard
Trudy Gordon
John W. Grashel
Eugene Hall
Sharon Hamilton
Jody Hanger
Connie Harbaugh
Harbortown Circle Condo Association
Bill and Nancy Hatch
Mike and Kathy Havey
Nathan Hawkins
Jialing He and Huahua Chang
Jim Heidbreder
R. Thomas Heinhorst
Richard and Gloria Helfrich
Lou and Mary Henson
The Herzog Family
Sylvia W. Herzog
Myrlin T. Hillen
Jay and Becky Hinderman
Zarina Hock
Fred and Ethelyeen Holy
Trina Howard
Henry Huang
James Huddlestone
Randy and Bette Hughes
Robert and Mary-alayne Hughes
Jan Kiley
Human Kinetics
Hyemi Hwang
Bob Illyes
Frederick and Lois Irion
Charles and Beth Jackson
Judy Jackson
Howard and Elaine Jacobson
Jerry and Helen Jahn
Patricia Jones
Nicholas F. and Sarah K. Jungels
Preethi Jyothi
Kathie Kading
Patrick and Karen Kane
Mark Keene and Jenelle Thompson-Keene
David and Deborah Keith
Theresa Kennedy
Champaign Illinois Kennel Club
Miles and Barbara Klein
Marilyn Kohl
Perry Kohn and Lee Feldman
Jenni Kotawski
Amit and Karen Kramer
Art Kramer
David and Elizabeth Krchak
Sheila Krein
Mary E. Lakey
Fannie Lambert
William Lantz
Susan Larson and Stefan Krasa
John Laskowski

Janet Leroy
Susan Leskis
Robert Leung
Helen and Emily Levin
Stuart Levy
Jerry Lewis
Lou and Mary Liay
Andy Loftus
Franklin D. Longfellow
J.M. and K.B. Loschen
Zhenzhong Lu
Kathy Lu
John and Bonnie Lynch
Siva Theja Maguluri
H. Michelle Maloney
Walter F. Manske
Bonnie L. Markiewicz
Pat Matthews
Alyssa Mayer
Edward and Lani McAuley
David W. McCall
Michael and Jane McCulley
Karin McCullough
Ruairi McEnroe
Rachael McMillan and Family
Paul and Nancy McNabb
Edward and Brenda Mehnert
Lynn Mikovich
Mrs. Helen Miller
Mrs. Andy Miller
Sallie Miller
George and Diane Miller
Fred and Audrey Mohn
Daniel and Julie Monroe
Paul and Diane Mortensen
Mary Mullen
John P. and Jean Murray
Larry and Peg Neal
Thomas Nicol
Jean Niemann
Ginny O’Brien
Mike and Ruth O'Byrne
Sewoong Oh
T. Doug Olive
Michael D. Osterbur
Janet Otto
Glen C. and Jacqueline N. Paine
Barbara Peters
Theodore and Barbara Peters
Janet Petty
Gail Pfeifer
Lauren Pirkle
Kip and Janet Pope
Ray Plante and Mary Wallace
Lori Rush Pundt
Margaret Quinlan
Stacy Rachel
Amanda Raklovits
Melissa Records
Maeve Reilly
Kirk and Judy Reynolds
Daniel and Helen Richards
Selma Richardson
Laura Roberts-Andrejasich
Joan Rogers
Maggie Ross
Barbara Rush
Sherri Rush
Jacob Saathoff
Maria Sabia
Umeeta Sadarangani and Marilyn Ryan
William and Emily Sanders
Donna Scanlan
Eric Schmulbach
Paul and Susan Schomer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul W. Schroeder
Andy Schuchart
Dawn Schultz
Robert and Lanita Schuster
John and Jane Seiler
Andrea Semiche
Ken and Joan Sensenbrenner
Kathy Shannon and Matt Frank
David and Anne Sharpe
Alexandra Shay
Trent Shepard and Vian H. Garth
Beth Shirk and Scott Meyer
Myron J. Sholem
Christopher and Jeana Shroyer
Marjorie Shubert
Sheri Siebold
Rosangela S. Silva
Bob and Margie Skirvin
Lily Smith and Family
Ann Smith
Joy Specht
Prudence Spodek
Rayadurgam and Susan Srikant
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Stallman
Lee and Dottie Stark
Kristie Stasi
Henriette Stegemeier
Gadi and Phina Steiner
Cynthia Stewart
Greg Stock
Steven and Frances Streitmatter
Betsy Su
Kenwood and Lori Sullivan
Yigang Sun
Jie Sun
Richard and Ruth Swearingen
Elizabeth Talbot
Charles Thompson
Walter Tousey
Martha Trescott
Deoki and Vidya Tripathy
John and Susan Trippiedi
Allan and Pat Tuchman
Paula Van De WynGaerde
Edward and Joyce Wagner
Kathleen A. Walsh
Joan Walton
Bill and Linda Weathers
Peggy Wells
Joseph and Patricia Wenzel
Gary and Connie Wikoff
Mitsuko Williams
Sarah Williams
Mark and Sandra Williams
Joyce Willskey
Roy and Gerry Windler
Charles Wisseman
Suzanne Withers
Kam and Betsy Wong
Daniel and Kimberly Wurl
Baoxing Xu
Xinhuai Ye and Yanrong Lu
Esther Yi
William D. Youngerman
Kim Zahrn
Hao Zhu
Craig and Julie Zilles

Tribute Gifts

January – December, 2014

In Memory of

Judith Becker
Miriam Blair
Stanley Cohen
Phyllis Cooper
Mina Coy
Henry (Hank) Damski
Elizabeth Facucett
Jim Fink
Eugie Foster
Bill Gaines
Sara Gatewood
Ruby Gordon
Carolyn Joliff
Tim Kennedy
Margaret Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Pat Kennedy
Elsie Morrison
Jack C. Munson
Patricia B.  Neils
Marguerite and Morris Perry
Barbara G. Pope
Prama Pramod
Bob Shierry
Allan Steinberg
Michael (Mick) Turk
E. James Walters
Jim Yost

In Honor of

Mayor Don Gerard
and Champaign City Council
Alan Jones
Larry Kanfer
Minnie Pearson
Kyle Robeson
Jan Seeley
Ira Wachtel
June and Duane Wray


Thank You!

We’ve done our best to list names correctly here. However, if you find an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can correct our records. Call Library Administration at 217/403–2050.