Friends Helpers

Many willing hands are needed to run the FriendShop Bookstore. The shop, along with membership dues, has allowed the Friends to give more than $650K to the library during the past 50 years! Friends also serve voluntarily on the group’s board of directors, which meets on the third Wednesday of each month.

(List updated 6/16):

Helping in the FriendShop:

Adela Hodges
Ann Marlowe
Ann Smith
Barb Bennett
Barry Lewis
Carol Karch
Cecile Steinberg
Christopher Gavigan
Cindy Compratt
Cynthia Mitchell
Clyde Smith
Dave McCall
Deborah Balsbaugh
Diane Kujawa
Elizabeth Slifer
Fran Hunt
Gary Laumann
Harvey Hodges
Jan Kiley
Jean Niemann
Jerry Hunt
Jessica Gross
Joann Kelly
John Billimack
John Frayne
Judy Reynolds
Karen Evans
Karen Koenig
Kate Winkler
Katharine Jones
Kathy Dwyer
Kathy Havey
Kris Eaton
Linda Bantz
Linda Langston
Louise Allen
Maazin Ansari
Maggie DeCurtis
Marge Carney
Mark David
Margo Simmons
Mary Anderson
Mary Bailey
Mary Yeomans
Nancy Mulvaney
Pat Rowland
Paula Kaufman
Peggy Ore
Rachel Kentala
Robert Steward
Robin Luebs
Rui Tan
Sabrina Kelch
Sarah Shelton
Sue Coleman
Suzanne Roffey
Trisha Crowley
Vanessa Perez Miguez

Friends Board

The following serve on the Library Friends Board (updated 2/16)

Margo M. Simmons, President
Janet Keller - Vice-President/President-elect
Linda Langston, Treasurer
Jessica Gross, Secretary
Louise Allen
Mary Anderson
Linda Bantz
Ann Campbell
Kris Eaton
Kathy Havey
Katharine Jones
Lena Roberson Joshua

While we’ve done our best to make these lists accurate, we apologize if we have overlooked anyone.

Checking out a customer in FriendShop