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Oxford English Dictionary Online home & in-library use
Online access to the latest version of the world’s most authoritative, comprehensive record of the English language. Includes the Historical Thesaurus of the OED, allowing you to explore themes, meaning, and ideas through the history of English. Create a profile and you can save entries, save searches, and set preferences.
For home access:
Click the “home & in-library use” link above. Click “Sign In,” at upper right. Choose “Library Card” login. Enter your 14-digit Champaign Public Library card number. Note: Please log out when you’re finished, or you may see an error message and be unable to log in again for 20 minutes.

Virtual Reference Library (part of InfoTrac) home use | in-library use
Subjects covered include business, arts, medicine, technology, and history. Titles offered include: VideoHound’s Golden Movie Retriever, Business Plans Handbook, Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, West’s Encyclopedia of Law, New Catholic Encyclopedia, Grzimek’s Animal Life Encyclopedia, and College Blue Book.

View articles as simple text or in PDF, which looks just like the original book pages, then print, download, or e-mail them. Mark pages with an “InfoMark” and you can easily return to them (or point someone else to them).

Articles can be translated into half a dozen languages including Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. The interface can also be switched to Spanish and several other languages.

For access: Type in all 14 digits of your Champaign library card number. (No card? Use this at the library.)

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