Snow Removal Regulations

Description: Often during the winter months the City of Champaign receives inquiries regarding “snow removal”.

Check here for information about snow removal by the City and here for city and state statutes on snow and ice control.

Summary of Codes and Statutes Relating to Snow Removal

1. Section 9-5 of the Champaign Municipal Code generally requires owners of buildings occupied by more than four dwelling units to remove snow and ice from driveways and parking lots.

2. Section 23-156 of the Champaign Municipal Code was enacted to cover the situation where individuals throw dangerous items. It can also be interpreted to prohibit throwing snowballs in situations which would present some, beyond ordinary, danger to people. We point out that our office will not prosecute a “snowballing” matter unless there is some significant danger shown in the situation. Injuring someone in this fashion is also a battery under Section 23–42 of the City Code. Damaging property would be prosecuted under Section 23–67.

3. Sections 30-151 and 30-152 of the Champaign Municipal Code generally prohibit the deposit or placing of any snow or ice resulting from clearing operations upon any street or sidewalk unless the Public Works Director approves such placement.

4. Section 30-205 requires that the coverings of subsidewalk structures (grates and trapdoors over underground spaces) be kept clear of ice and snow.

5. Sections 33-101 through 33-106 of the Champaign Municipal Code generally concern the designation of emergency snow routes and the prohibition of parking on these routes during snowfalls of two inches or greater.

6. 745 ILCS 75/1 and 75/2 of the state statutes generally provides immunity to owners, lessors, or occupants of residential property for shoveling snow.

7. 05 ILCS 5/9-130 generally prohibits the deposit of ice and snow upon public highways.

8. 745 ILCS 10/3-105 of this section of the Tort Immunity Act generally immunizes the City from liability with respect to the effect of weather conditions on the use of streets and sidewalks. This provision does not immunize the City from physical damage or deterioration resulting from the effect of weather conditions.

Source: City of Champaign
Date Last Revisited: 12/04/09