Urbana Rental Registration

Description: Rental registration is now required in Urbana

  • Do you own residential rental property in Urbana?
  • Do you rent out a room in your home?
  • Are you renting out your house while on sabbatical?

If you own and collect rent from any residential property in Urbana you need to register with and pay a fee to the City of Urbana Rental Registration and Inspection Program on an annual basis.

This new program tracks rental properties in Urbana and provides systematic inspections of those properties. Registration is mandatory for all rental registration properties, excluding nursing homes, hotels/motels, and housing authority units.

Properties must be registered by March 16, 2007. If you have any questions, or if you have not yet registered, please call the Department of Community Development Services at (217) 384–2443 for more information, or visit their website.

Contact Information:
Dept. of Community Development Services
City of Urbana
400 South Vine Street
Urbana, IL 61801
(217) 384–2443

Source: City of Urbana
Date Last Revisited: 12/04/09