Neighborhood Services Department (Condemned Houses)

Description: According to the City of Champaign website , the mission of the Neighborhood Services Department is to implement the Neighborhood Wellness Action Plan and provide leadership and coordination of City activities using community input to ensure a comprehensive and effective response to neighborhood needs.

The Neighborhood Services Department consists of three divisions: Neighborhood Coordination, Property Maintenance, and Neighborhood Programs.

The Neighborhood Coordination Division is responsible for citizen education and outreach, coordination of interdepartmental efforts to solve neighborhood problems, organizing neighborhoods, and promoting neighborhood self-help programs to address community priorities. For more information about the Neighborhood Coordination please view the City of Champaign website

The Property Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and preservation of existing structures in the community through enforcement of property maintenance codes and coordination of efforts to achieve compliance with the City's blight and nuisance abatement programs. For more information about Property Maintenance Inspection please view the City of Champaign website

The Neighborhood Programs Division is responsible for developing and managing programs to address neighborhood needs, including housing rehabilitation and home ownership programs, neighborhood business assistance, neighborhood plan implementation, and community service activities. The Division administers a variety of Federal, State and local funds to support these programs and activities. For more information about Housing Assistance please view the City of Champaign website.

Contact information for the Neighborhood Services Department can be found at:

Source: City of Champaign
Date last revisited: 2/26/07

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