Abandoned Automobiles

Description: According to the City of Champaign website, City Municipal Code prohibits vehicles that have not been moved or used for more than 3 days, have broken windows or flat tires, or lack current registration from parking on City streets or public property. Also prohibited are vehicles parked in a City parking lot or in a metered space 24 hours in excess of the parking limit for that lot or meter. Such vehicles will be considered abandoned/inoperable and subject to ticketing and/or towing.

Furthermore, the City of Champaign defines an abandoned vehicle as being any vehicle that meets one or more of the following criteria: not in working order, lacks current legal registration, has not been moved or used in 5 consecutive days or more, or lacks equipment to operate.

For abandoned vehicles on public property contact:
Champaign Police Department
Traffic Services Division
Phone: 217/403–6999

For abandoned vehicles on private property contact:
Neighborhood Services Department
Property Maintenance Division
Phone: 217/403–7070

Source: City of Champaign Public Works
Date Last Revisited: 4/29/2010