Birthday Wishes from the White House

Description: Send written inquiries by fax machine about past requests, or new ones, to (202) 395–1232. Faxing is faster than mail and there is no need to screen it for hazards. If you must mail, the address is White House Greetings Office, Washington, DC 20502-0039.

Include full name of honoree, including form of address (Mr., Mrs., Miss, Dr., the Rev., etc.); the date of the birthday or anniversary; the number of years old or years of marriage; and their address. Print the information clearly, or type it. Greetings are sent for birthdays of 80 and older and anniversaries of 50 years or more.

Also include your name and daytime telephone number so the office may contact you for missing information or confirmation.

Send request at least six weeks in advance and not more than three months early.

Source: Champaign Public Library Fugitive Facts
Date Last Revisited: 6/7/03