Science Fair



  • Forces and Motion Science Fair Projects: Using Water Balloons, Pulleys, and Other Stuff (Juvenile Nonfiction/J531.6078/Gar) by Robert Gardiner
  • Light, Sound, and Waves Science Fair Projects: Using Sunglasses, Guitars, CDs, and Other Stuff (Juvenile Nonfiction/J507.8/Gar) by Robert Gardner
  • 100 Amazing Make-It-Yourself Science Fair Projects (Juvenile Nonfiction/J507.8/Vac) by Glen Vecchione
  • Plastics and Polymers Science Fair Projects: Using Hair Gel, Soda Bottles, and Slimy Stuff (Juvenile Nonfiction/J507.8/Goo) by Madeline P. Goodstein
  • Prize-Winning Science Fair Projects for Curious Kids (Juvenile Nonficiton/J507.8/Rha) by Joe Rhatigan
  • Science Fair Projects about the Properties of Matter Using Marbles, Water, Balloons, and More (Juvenile Nonfiction/J507.8/Gar) by Robert Gardiner
  • Water Science Fair Projects: Using Ice Cubes, Super Soakers, and Other Wet Stuff (Juvenile Nonfiction/J507.8/Goo) by Madeline P. Goodstein