Language Arts & Writing



  • How To Write A Report (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.02/bra) by Sue R. Brandt
  • Ready, Set, Write! A Writer's Handbook for School and Home (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.0669/Rea) by the Editors of TIME for Kids
  • The I Love to Write Book: ideas and tips for young writers (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.02/Kam) by Mary-Lane Kamberg
  • How to Write a Story or Narrative (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.02/Roy) by Jennifer Rozines Roy
  • How To Write Your Life Story (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.0669/Fle) by Ralph Fletcher
  • Words, Wit and Wonder: writing your own poem (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.1/Loe) by Nancy Loewen
  • Poetry Matters: writing a poem from the inside out (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.1/Fle) by Ralph Fletcher
  • Writing Stories: fantastic fiction from start to finish (Juvenile Nonfiction/j808.3/HAR) by David L. Harrison