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  • Biography for Beginners: Inventors (Juvenile Biography/J609.22/Bio)
  • Biography for Beginners: World Explorers (Juvenile Biography/J910.922/Bio)
  • Biography for Beginners: Sketches for Early Readers (Juvenile Biography/J920/Bio)
  • Great Lives (Juvenile Biography/J920/Bio)
  • 1000 Makers of the Millennium (Juvenile Biography/J920/One)
  • Outrageous Women of Ancient Times (Juvenile Biography/J930/Leo) by Vicki Leon
  • Outrageous Women of the Middle Ages (Juvenile Biography/J940.1/Leo) by Vicki Leon
  • Dictionary of World Biography (Juvenile Reference/930/Dic)
  • Biographical Dictionary of African Americans (Juvenile Reference/J973.0496/Kra) by Rachel Kranz and Philip J. Koslow
  • Grolier Library of Women's Biographies (Juvenile Reference/J920.72/Gro)

Audio Books

  • Famous People in History by Nicolas Soames (Cd Audiobks: Juv Nonfiction/J920/Soa)
  • Famous People in History II by Nicolas Soames (Cd Audiobks: Juv Nonfiction/J920/Soa)

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