African American Read-alones for 1st Grade

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  • Corduroy Makes a Cake (Easy Readers/E/Inc) by Alison Inches. Corduroy wants to make a special present for Lisa, but instead he makes a mess.
  • A Day with Daddy (Easy Readers/E/Gri) by Nikki Grimes. A young boy knows that there’s nothing better than getting to do things with his dad.
  • The Girls in the Circle (Easy Readers/E/Gio) by Nikki Giovanni. Three little girls paint their noses and have lots of girl fun.
  • Hamster Chase (Easy Readers/E/Sue) by Anastasia Suen. The class hamster gets loose and it’s up to Peter, Amy, and Archie to find him.
  • Lights Out! (Easy Readers/E/Med) by Angela Shelf Medaris. She should be asleep but she just can’t help it. She just loves the night.
  • The Mystery of the Missing Dog (Easy Readers/E/Hoo) by Gwendolyn Hooks. Jet is missing. Where is he? Alex looks everywhere for his lost dog.
  • Rap a Tap Tap: Here’s Bojangles - Think of That! (Picture Books/E/Dil) by Leo and Diane Dillon. The story of one of America’s greatest dancers, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson.
  • Ready? Set. Raymond! (Easy Readers/E/Nel) by Vaunda Micheaux Nelson. Raymond never goes slow. He always goes f-a-s-t!
  • Wagon Wheels (Easy Readers/E/Bre) by Barbara Brenner. A father and his sons face the dangers of the wilderness.
  • What Do You Know? Snow! (Easy Readers/E/Hud) by Cheryl Willis Hudson. Sydney enjoys a wintery day and has lots of fun in the snow.