African American Books for Girls in Grades 2 & 3

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  • Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa (Juvenile Biographies/J782.4216/Cruz) by Veronica Chambers. She looked like a girl, but she sang as if she were a bird.
  • Coming On Home Soon (Picture Books/E/Woo) by Jacqueline Woodson. Although Mama loves Ada Ruth more than rain and snow, she must leave her daughter to take a job in Chicago during World War II.
  • Danitra Brown Class Clown (Juvenile Nonfiction/J811.54/Gri) by Nikki Grimes. Danitra Brown is one special girl and a terrific friend. If you read about her, chances are you’re going to like her too.
  • Gloria Rising (Juvenile First Chapters/J/Cam) by Ann Cameron. Gloria meets a real astronaut, and now there’s only one thing she wants to do: go into space.
  • Hot Day on Abbott Avenue (Picture Books/E/Eng) by Karen English. Renee is mad at Kishi. Kishi is mad at Renee. There’s no way they’re going to talk to each other. There’s no way they’re going to spend the day together. They’re never going to be friends again — well, maybe.
  • Loved Best (Juvenile First Chapters/J/Mck) by Patricia McKissack. Carolyn will do anything to prove she’s loved best.
  • The Real Lucky Charm (Juvenile First Chapters/J/Ric) by Charisse K. Richardson. Thinking that luck, rather than hard work, has helped her succeed on the basketball court, ten-year-old Mia panics and turns to her twin brother for help when her lucky gold basketball goes missing from her charm bracelet.
  • Rosetta, Rosetta, Sit by Me! (Juvenile Fiction/J/Wal) by Linda Walvoord. The year is 1848 and Rosetta discovers that the teachers at her new school will not allow her to attend class or recess with the other children because of the color of her skin.
  • Solo Girl (Juvenile First Chapters/J/Pin) by Andrea Davis Pinkney. After moving to a new place, Cass longs to jump rope with the girls in the neighborhood.
  • A Sweet Smell of Roses (Picture Books/E/Joh) by Angela Johnson. Two sisters join a Civil Rights March and get to hear the inspiring leader, Martin L. King Jr.