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Factors in determining residency for admission into the University of Illinois

  • Bona fide residency must be maintained in Illinois for at least one calendar year immediately preceding the date of receipt of the application for admission, or for tuition purposes, one calendar year immediately preceding the first scheduled day of classes for the term for which resident classification is sought. The following circumstances, although not necessarily conclusive, have probative value in support of a claim for resident classification:
  • Continuous physical presence — defined as no more than a three-week absence from the state of Illinois — for at least one calendar year as described above.
  • Domicile in Illinois of parent(s), legal guardian, or spouse.
  • Voting or registration for voting in Illinois.
  • Illinois driver‘s license or identification card and automobile registration.
  • Financial independence and payment and filing of Illinois income/property taxes and/or ownership of property in Illinois during the tax year or partial tax year immediately preceding the term for which the person is requesting resident classification. Just the filing of Illinois state income taxes, or filing without substantial Illinois income earned, will not be judged as a significant criterion for reclassification.
  • One calendar year of gainful employment in Illinois or prove reliance upon resources in Illinois for more than fifty percent of the income sufficient to provide for tuition, fees, and normal living expenses, e.g., food, clothing, housing, and transportation. Reliance upon income earned from loans is not viewed as evidence of intent to establish residency. Employment must be in other than graduate assistantships or student employment.
  • The lease of living quarters and payment of utility bills in Illinois.
  • Former domicile in the state and maintenance of significant connections therein while absent.
  • Admission to a licensed practicing profession in Illinois.
  • Long-term military commitments in Illinois and/or proof that Illinois is the home of record. The petitioner must complete a Military Certification Form which can be obtained at the Office of Admissions and Records.
  • Domicile for one calendar year in the state for other than educational purposes.
  • Establishment of financial accounts at Illinois institutions.
  • Public records, for example, birth and marriage records.
  • Other official documents verifying legal, official connection with Illinois or with organizations or institutions within the state of Illinois.
  • Exclusive use of the Illinois address when home or mailing address is requested.
  • The University may request documentation of the evidence. Missing evidence, the lack of evidence, or inconsistent evidence may be used to refute the claim of residency.

Further information or clarification may be secured by contacting the Director of Admissions and Records/Associate Provost for Enrollment Management on the campus concerned:
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Please see the University of Illinois for full details about residency regulations for the University of Illinois.

Source: University of Illinois
Date Last Revisited: 2/03/2010