It's cool to be kind

Choose Civility:
Civility Week April 7-13, 2013

Click to see eventsDoes it seem like rudeness is on the rise—and common courtesy isn’t so common? Civility is the cure, and it can be contagious! Being good to one another makes life better for everyone in our community.

That's the idea behind the Champaign Public Library's Civility Week. It’s a chance for all of us to:

  • Talk about important civility issues such as bullying in schools, rudeness at work, and incivility in media and politics; our free events will help get the discussion started
  • Seven Ingredients of Civility

  • Learn ways to cope when we encounter rudeness
  • Pledge to choose civility and learn how to put it in action using the ingredients of civility

Civility Week Events


Civility Song & Video


Seven Ingredients of Civility


Roger Ebert quote

Roger Ebert Quote Poster

In memory of Roger Ebert, we offer a poster that captures the spirit of civility.

Download the poster, PDF

Take the Civility Pledge

Take Our Civility Pledge

Take our civility pledge online and see our cities' pledge total grow!

Civility song and video

Civility Rocks! “Civility” Song by David Howie

Local singer-songwriter David Howie composed a catchy “Civility” song for us. Teens at our Douglass Branch and a local middle school also produced videos offering their perspectives on civility.

Lou DiBello and David Howie

And check out the video featuring Mayor Don Gerard (pictured below).Don Gerard singing

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Our civility effort is inspired by the book Choosing Civility by P.M. Forni and sponsored by:

• Champaign Public Library Friends
• Parkland College
• University of Illinois Library
• BPC & Habeeb Habeeb
• The News-Gazette
• Adams Outdoor
• Surface 51