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Find statistical information on housing, demographics, retail sales, health, crime, transportation, cost of living, education, and wages for Champaign County.

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  • Working Together — economic impact of the arts in Champaign Co., Illinois Arts Alliance Foundation (40 North/88 West)

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Birth Statistics - Champaign County


Find birth statistics for Champaign, Urbana, and Champaign County.

Commuting Statistics


Find statistics about commuting by employees that work in Champaign and live in other parts of the state.

Death Statistics - Champaign County


Find death statistics for Champaign, Urbana, and Champaign County.

High School Graduation Statistics


Find statistics on the graduation rates of the Champaign district high schools.

Champaign High School Dropout Statistics


Find statistics about the Champaign District schools including most recent high school dropout rates.

Income Per Capita Statistics - Champaign Statistics


Find statistics about Champaign-Urbana Income Per Capita.

Champaign Population Statistics


Find population statistics for Champaign County, Danville, Champaign, and Urbana.

Poverty Statistics


Twelve percent of Illinois families and 11 percent of individuals in Illinois were living below the federal government‘s poverty line in 1999, according to Census 2000 figures.

Special 2007 Census - Champaign


A rently completed special census shows that Champaign‘s population has increased by an estimated 7,680 residents.

Unemployment Statistics -Champaign County


Find unemployment rates for Champaign County.

Uninsured Statistics


Read an article about the level of uninsured citizens in Illinois and a proposed plan by Governor Blagojevich to decrease the percentages of uninsured citizens.

Champaign (City) Area Statistics


The City of Champaign has grown over one quarter in size in the last seven years.

Who is poor in Champaign County


Statistics from the Champaign Regional Planning Commission indicate the number of households living in poverty in Champaign County.

Agricultural Statistics


A snapshot of area agriculture