Wi-Fi & Computers at the Library

Bring your Wi-Fi enabled laptop and tap into free wireless at our Main Library and Douglass Branch. To learn more about how to get connected, see our Wi-Fi Tips.

You’ll need:

  • A wireless network interface card (802.11b/g/n/ac) and the appropriate software already installed in your laptop or portable device
  • A web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera

Basic Settings

Since each person’s computer can be different, you are responsible for knowing how to configure your equipment. Here are the basic settings you’ll need:

  • Network name: Champaign Public Library
  • Disable WEP encryption
  • Mode/Network Type: Infrastructure Mode or Access Point (not ad hoc)
  • TCP/IP properties: “Obtain an IP address automatically (DHCP)”
    If you need help with this, please consult your device manual.

Connecting to the Wireless Network

Locate the wireless network named Champaign_Public_Library or Champaign_Public_Library_DBL at our Douglass Branch and connect to it. Once the connection is made, you must open a web browser to read and accept our Internet Use Policy before Internet access is granted.

Plugging In

Look for outlets under the square power access doors in the floor at our Main Library, along with wall and study carrel locations. There are no outlets on our patio — but there is Wi-Fi!

Limitations & Security

The library’s wireless network is not secure. Information sent from or to your laptop can be captured by anyone with a wireless device and the appropriate software. Informed, cautious wireless users will avoid transmitting credit card or other sensitive personal information through wireless connections. All users of wireless should have up-to-date virus protection on their laptop computers or wireless devices to assist in protecting them from harm. The library assumes no responsibility for the safety of your equipment, configurations, or data. Review our Internet Use Policy for details.

Technical Assistance & Troubleshooting Tips

Library staff is not able to provide technical assistance and is limited to verifying that the wireless connection is working. No guarantee can be provided that you will be able to make a wireless connection.

To learn more about how to get connected, see our Wi-Fi Troubleshooting Tips.

Library Computers

Our computers provide free access to the Internet, e-mail, word processing and other software, and online research tools. Computers are available for all ages at our Main Library and Douglass Branch.

Signing up for a computer

Self-service reservation stations let you reserve the next free computer, or reserve time up to a week ahead. Or call us at 217/403–2070 and we’ll reserve time for you. For the children’s department, call 217/403–2030, and for the Douglass Branch, call 217/403–2090.

A quiet computer room is available for use by one person per workstation, free of talking and cell phone use.

Access card

Before you sit down at a library computer, you need a library card from the Champaign Public Library, or any other public library in the Illinois Heartland Library System. You must enter your card number when you reserve a computer and when you log in.

A guest card for computer access only is also available (it cannot be used to check out items). To get a computer guest card, bring in a photo ID and something showing your current address.

Bringing files and saving work

You can use CDs, DVDs, or USB drives to transport and save files with our computers.


You can print from any computer in the library. Printouts cost 15 cents per black and white page, and $1 per color page.

Connecting a laptop

There are many places in the library to plug in a laptop for power. Look for the square outlet panels in the floor.

Internet use policy

See our Internet use policy in the policies section of this website.

Mobile Printing