Service Roles & Goals

Our service roles and goals broadly outline our priorities for the next five years.

Champaign community members will have:

Information for successful lifelong learning and everyday decisions

  • Our community will have support for schoolwork and lifelong educational endeavors.
  • Our community will have the resources to make informed decisions and explore topics of personal interest.

A broad range of resources to engage their imaginations, enrich their lives, and encourage young readers

  • Our community will find a wealth of popular materials in current formats to provide pleasurable reading, viewing, and listening experiences.
  • Our community will be inspired by a variety of library programs that inform, enlighten, and entertain.

Inviting spaces for learning, relaxing, and connecting with library resources and each other

  • Our community will have safe, welcoming, comfortable, and well-maintained library spaces and meeting rooms.

Easy access to the online world

  • Our community will have high-speed Internet connections to ensure equitable access to the online world.

Approved by the Champaign Public Library Board of Trustees, December 2009

Front of library after rain