Our Mission & Five-Year Plan

Rainbow over library

In 2009, five years since our previous planning process — and with momentous changes since then — it was time to step back, reevaluate, and set a direction for the next five years.

The Planning Process


Here are the steps we followed in our planning process.

Five Years of Growth


Since our last planning process, we’ve seen significant growth and change.

How We Compare with Other Libraries


One way to assess ourselves is to look at other libraries.

Mission Statement & Values


A new mission and statement of values help to guide our work.

Service Roles & Goals


Our roles and goals provide a framework for our actions.


The Champaign Public Library connects our community with the power of knowledge, the world of culture and ideas, and the joy of reading.

We support the essential role of reading for success in life and work, the need for easy and equal access to lifelong learning, and the value of enriching and inspiring experiences.

Strategic Plan 2011-2012