Our Star Donors

These donors made a significant investment in the library this past year (July 2012–September 2013). Their contributions have a substantial impact on the library’s service to the community. 

Four stars

Library Benefactors

Dorothy A. Baker
Mark Ballard
Dave and Leslie Barr
Joyce Bohrer
Harry and Charlene Bremer
Champaign Public Library Friends
Champaign Unit 4 School District
Trisha Crowley
Jim and Laurie Dey
Newton H. Dodds
Nanette Donohue
Ann Einhorn
Habeeb Habeeb
Stephen and Anita Hamburg
A.J. Heins
Charles and Annette Lansford
Richard McDonald

Donald E. Moyer, Jr.
Bob and Julie Overstreet
Donna Pittman
John and Maureen Reed
Meyer Charitable Foundation
Parkland College
Rotary Club of Champaign
Rotary Club of Champaign West
Jean Rowland
David and Annilee Shaul
Jon and Kendy Stewart
Edith Ann Stotler
University of Illinois Library
B. Joseph and Mary P. White
Marilyn Whittaker

2 Starss

Library Guardians 

Allen and Elaine Avner
Mary Bissey
W. Colleen Brodie
William W. Capel
Brent Colclasure
Donald C. Dodds, Jr.
Jason and Lynnette Dodds
Bill and Cele Gaines
Joseph Giblin
Marsha Grove
Nancy Hatch
Jane A. Hays
Bruce and Jan Hinely


Ed Kelly
Curtis and Susan Krock
Kiwanis Club of Champaign-Urbana
Momin Muzaffar
Mike Rogalla
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Schneider
Daniel and Jill Schreiber
Jan Simon
Dr. Elizabeth Small
Lott H. and SuAnn J. Thomas
Thomas and Julia Ulen
Mike and Susan  Webber
Gary Xu and Eva Liu 


1 Star

Library Investors

Louise Allen
Amy Al-Shabibi
Wells and Joann Anderson
Peter Ashbrook
Arlene M. Blank
Barry Brindley
Mary Capel
Central Illinois Unite-MCLA
Nicole Anderson Cobb
Thomas and Sharon Conry
Wesley and Laura Curtis
Anne Erdmann
Erza Levin Foundation
Franchise Management Systems, Inc.
Rusty and Jill Freeland
Joanne Gates
Jim and Mars Gentry
Ken and Kimiko Gunji
Essie Harris
John and Barbara Hecker
Kristina Hoerner
James and Maxine Kaler
Paula J. Kaufman
Jay P. and Rosalyn S. Kesan
Charles Kozoll




Warren G. Lavey and 
   Dr. Holly A. Rosencranz
Dennis and Barbara Muncy

John Murphy and Cara Finnegan
Shirley Nettnin
Robert K. O'Daniell
Martha H. Palit
Stanley Rankin
Grant and Jennifer Robbennolt
Michael and Maxine Sandretto
Lawrence and Frances Schook
Cliff and Anita Schwartz
Jason  Scott and Maria Gillombardo
Fred and Cathy Segovich
David and Anita Seiler
Diana E. Sheets
David and Julie Sherwood
Helen Shierry
David and Jan Sholem
William and Margarite D. Stallman
Mark Toalson
Vernon and Gudney Tock
Andrew Voorhees
Warren Wessels
Jerry Wray
William D. Youngerman



Additional Donors

Every gift enriches and strengthens library services. 

Richard L. Adams
Kevin Applebee
Don and Suzi Armstrong
Sanjiv Avashia
Robert and June Ayers
Marian Irle Babbs
Barbara Badger
Mara Bandy
S. Eugene and Kathleen Barton
Midge Beiger
Dorothy E. Bell
Jonathan and Michelle Benson
Michael and Mary Jo Bequette
Chris Bezruki
Eleanor Blackman
Charles Blair
John Jeffery Blue
William and Christine Bochte
Ruby Bohlen
Joyce Bohrer
Jill R. Bouvet
Ann Campbell
Aaron Carlin
Steve and Donna Carter
Grace Casillas
Amy Kilgus Chamley
Champaign Illinois Kennel Club
Champaign-Urbana Herb Society
Huahua Chang and Jialing He
Patricia Chapel
City of Champaign 
  Neighborhood Services
James and Eloise Clark
Nicole Anderson Cobb
Richard B. Cogdal
Barbara Colson
Michael and Panagiota Comet
Mark P. Costello
Steve and Helen Cox
Rhonda Craig
Crosspoint Human Services
Jean Daly
Larry and Paul Damski
Brent and Judy Danforth
Dorothy David and Steven Woodard
Benjamin Davis
Stephanie Edwards
Jodi Eeten
Lila J. Eichelberger
Celeste Eichelberger
Dick Ensrud
Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth
Thomas Falender
Jim and Alice Faron
Darryl and Stephanie Fernandes
Thelma Fite
Leon and Linda Follmer
Mary Ann Ford
Rudolph and Lucille Frasca
Mike and Beverly Friese
Charles Gammie
Joanne Gates
Henry and Ruth Gerlach
Jim and Cindy Gewinner
Mary Giuffre
Stephanie Goodly
Mr. and Mrs. E.R. Gordon
Thea Green
Thomas L. Griffith
Candace Gwin
Lippold and Beth Haken
Connie Harbaugh
Terence and Sharon Harkness
Nancy Harrison  
Allen and Susan Hartter
Nathan Hawkins
Jim Heidbreder
Richard B. and Gloria Helfrich
Mike Helregel
Sylvia W. Herzog
Ted Himes
Mary M. Hoffman
Nicole Honesty
May Ann Hood
Trina Howard
Henry Huang
Bette B. Hughes
G. Robert Hughes, Jr.
Dennis Hume
Bruce and Ingrid Hutchings
Robert Illyes
Judy Jackson
Patricia L. Johnson
William T. Johnson
Kathie Kading
Karen Kane
David and Deborah Keith  



Laura Keller
J. Kim and Byron Kemper
Theresa Kennedy
Betty Kmoch
Bruce and Mary Knight
Antje Kolodziej
Nori J. Komorita
Mark and Sarah Laufenberg
Susan Lerner
Stan and Joan Levy
Louis and Jennifer Liagridonis
J. M. Lillich
Catharina Lindsey
Adrienne Lo
Elizabeth Long
Franklin Longfellow
Molly MacRae
Mankin and Pauline Mak
Rajeev Malik
Bonnie L. Markiewicz
Clyde and Ann Martin
Marilyn Mastny
Ruairi McEnroe
Sally Brooks Meadows
Katherine Messenger
Dorothy Mikucki
George and Diane Miller
Margrith Mistry
Fred and Audrey Mohn
Ruth Morhaim
Paul and Diane Mortensen
Lee Nettnin
Terry and Margaret Noonan
Old Farm Condominium Association VIII
Elizabeth Otto
Minnie Pearson
Barbara J. Peters
Gail Pfeifer
Lauren Pirkle
Kevin and Toni Pitts
Amanda Raklovits
Melissa Records
Tamara Redenbaugh
Kirk and Judy Reynolds
Daniel and Helen Richards
Selma Richardson
Kristine Robbins
Laura Roberts-Andrejasich
King W. and Judy P. Rogers
Christie Roszkowski
Nicole Sambor
Frank  Scantlebury
Chris Scarce
John and Carolyn Schaefer
Kevin Schoening
Andy Schuchart
Dawn Schultz
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Sensenbrenner
Evelyn Shapiro
Beth and Scott Meyer Shirk
Myron and Sonya Sholem
Pamela Soloman
Michael and Cynthia Somers
Joy Specht
Prudence Spodek
Henriette C. Stegemeier
Allan and Cecile Steinberg
Elizabeth Su
Karren Suchor
Elizabeth Talbot
Lyn and Shellane Tangen
Valerie Tassiello
The Book Club 
Carol Thomas
Lieselotte Tipsord
Thomas and Erin Tracy
Martha M. Trescott
Allan and Patricia Tuchman
Paula Van de Wyngaerde
Michael and Lila Vodkin
Edward and Joyce Wagner
Emily S. Watts
James and Amelia Weber
Dennis and Patricia Wenzel
Stephanie Wetzel
David and Christina Whippo
Lillian L. Whittingham
Mark L. and Sandra Williams
Gwen Wilson
Beverly Wilson
Kristin Wright
Esther Yi
James R. Yoakum
Kim Zahrn
Craig and Julie Zilles



Annual Report 2012-13  

Tribute Gifts

July 2012–September 2013

In Memory of

Jill Acheson
Debbie Auteberry
Elsie Drake Brindley
Jackson Fletcher
Joanne Fletcher
James Galassi
Sara Gatewood
Michael Hartter
Pat and Margaret Kennedy
Tim and Mary Kennedy
Joan Lynch
Naomi Matesic
Dottie Himes Mooney
Elsie Morrison
Bob Shierry
Harriet Simon
Robert A. Watts

In Honor of

Ed and Marcia BonDurant
Matt Lambert
Theobault C. Messenger
Hadley Siena
Jamie and Amy Weber


We’ve done our best to list names correctly here. However, if you find an error, please accept our apologies and let us know so that we can correct our records. Call Library Administration at 217/403–2050.