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Sam Banks“I’ve seen how the computer access the library provides, and the interactive learning activities offered, have been an asset in addressing the literacy needs of the kids who come through our doors.” — Sam Banks, Executive Director, Don Moyer Boys and Girls Club

We played a critical role as a digital bridge; 400 people a day found access to the Internet, online job applications, and essential information.

Our meeting spaces, computers, and information expertise helped business people and entrepreneurs bring economic value to our community.

Students from the U of I Graduate School of Library and Information Science improved digital literacy by providing one-on-one computer help at our library.

Home delivery volunteers extended a lifeline of books and other library materials to people who could not get to the library. Librarywide volunteer hours totaled 12,450.

Pictured above: Patrons of all ages used the computer area at the Douglass Branch Library.

Annual Report 2012-13  |  July 1, 2012–June 30, 2013

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